NAME: Margus  



Ultimate fighter

Nigh Omnipotence 

Adaptive power level

Almighty Ascension

Boundary manipulation

Absolute invulnerability

Meta probablility manipulation 

Selective elimination


Self transcendence

Psychic feedback

Science-Magic ascendency 

Rule transcendence

Dual immunity (immune to psychic and physical attacks)

Meta space time manipulation

Backstory: Margus is the epitome of what happens when ultimate power combines with irresponsibility.

Born with the powers of a god but not knowing. He was picked on and abused by everyone he knew until he activated his powers and used it to easily destroy his opponents. Unlike everyone with his level of power he decided to use it for the betterment of himself and often acts like a child, destroying entire dimensions over small things. He was eventually stopped but then escaped.


"Im free!!! Free!!! free to do whatever I want and there is no one that can stop me!!!"- his last words before escaping the prison 

" this is the most dangerous of villians, a child with omnipotence"- an alternate earth ruler talking about Margus


destroyed multiple universes 

once killed reality (not a reality, the concept of reality itself)

derailed or destroyed several timelines 

destroyed 3 omnipotent beings 

Character facts:

if his power is taken he will use his ultimate fighter ability to kill his opponents and figure out a way to get it back.

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