Name: Mark Rez 

Mark Rez



Special Ops Mastery

Backstory: It was never expected by Mark Rez that three days after getting the security guard job to guard an important facility on his home planet, Cyder 8, that his homeworld would be threatened by the feared, ruthless, Mind Purger himself... Xaron. Cyder 8 was found by Xaron and sent a frightening message:

"life-forms of Cyder 8, until you forfeit the disease you practically bathe in. My army and I will slaughter your pathetic civilization and see to it that no one remains alive. I was told, specifically from your orbitary patrols, that you have one of the most massive archival systems in all of the galaxy filled with...knowledge. I end this message to simply say that I am not overestimating my abilities"

Mark had heard of Xaron but only in legend. It said that his army and him possessed a sort of mental power that could dull the minds of others and that he uses a sort of machine on his personal ship to extract knowledge and directly from the entire populations minds. Not long after the threat Xaron and his army attacked. The result was devestating. Xaron's army effortlessy tore through Cyder 8's defenses and ultimately destroyed all intelligent life left on the planet. But one person survived, Mark, by a mysterious being called the Catalyst. Now he must travel all of space to form a resistence to destroy Xaron 

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