​Name: Max Corin

Maz Cor

TheChosen One

Supernatural Condition (Enhanced Level)

Self Transcendence (when in life-threatening circumstances) 

Determination Embodiment

Failure Empowerment

Belief Empowerment

Determined Strength

Backstory: Max is the unknowing true protagonist of the CWVerse. Max grew up seeing everyone having their special thing or theme practically bursting at the seems with originality. So he was determined to come up with an idea that would, if not become an idea that impresses everyone, become an idea that impresses him. He then discovered that one of his powers was to grow more powerful from his mistakes and failures than his achievements and successes. This eventually evolved into powers that are based on ambition and determination.

Max then decided to use his powers to help people and for his own personal gain. Unlike most confident heroes he is not focused on being the best (the reason being is because it sounds like a limit and he is not fond of limits) but rather wanting to do as much amazing things as possible with no concern for placements, time, or a long term goal.


Max is extremely confident in what he can do but often forgets what is possible and what is not. He is known to be Nigh-unstoppable when he is determined to do something


Conceptual Fire Manipulation: Max's determination materializes as a flame capable of devastation, or protection, and it cannot be destroyed by normal means (normal water, oxygen depravation)

Instant Learning: When Max loses, his failure empowerment dosent just make him more powerful (after all, as one of his mentors once said "powers mean something, power levels mean nothing") but he also learns more about his opponent through sheer determination. 

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