Name: Miasme (W.I.P)



Entropy Manipulation

Miasma Emission

Supernatural Combat

Abnormal Godstopper Matrix


Transcendent Physiology


Nigh Invulnerability

Backstory: In the depths of the multiverse there is a silent force at work, that force is Miasme. Years ago the legendary near-all-powerful being Revend came to a planet similar to earth. After messing around on that planet and causing misery for everyone there it was only after he found out about his bastardess: Miasme. And even later about her being the only one who could negate his abilities. Miasme grew up on the hell-hole that was left of her homeworld. She always said she had the looks of her "mother" but the personality of her "father". She soon left her homeworld to travel the universe. She decided to get revenge on her father for leaving her to die on her ravaged homeworld. So she formed the organization Symbol to find her father by terrorizing civilizations for information. Unfortunatly.... for Miasme, Symbol was destroyed by Lastius and her second in command was executed. Frustrated, she came to the city of New Ares to plan her next move, often getting into fights with Max


If there was one way to describe Miasme it would be: Selfish Brat

Miasme enjoys laughing at another person's misfortune but complains about her own. Growing up she did not sympathize with the troubles of her "mother" but only cared about her own problems.


"Before or after I started laughing?"- When Miasme was asked by her aquaintences how she would feel if her "father", Revend, died

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