NAME: Milia the damned 

Milia the damned


Chaotic form 

Succubus physiology 


Demonic undead physiology 

Malefic Force Manipulation

True form powers:

Milia the damned (true form

Succubus physiology 


Transcendent Evil Embodiment

Dark lord

Transcendent demon physiology


Demon/Dark soul

Transcendent Death embodiment 

Unavertable death 

Absolute protection 

Paradox manipulation 

Mentifery (master level)

Absolute condition 

Nigh ultimate invincibility

ultimate fighter 


Backstory: Milia was the abused wife of a knight who died and went to the underworld and is the unkown true enemy to Id ( She became a demon after unaturally escaping the underworld and fought alongside Sol ( whom she was secretly using to get to the Anti-power. She eventually absorbed infinite evil energy and rose from her demon status to her "true form" but was beaten by Id using an ability that gives the user meta luck temporarily 

Character facts:

-in her true form luck is literally the only thing that can save you 


top: first form

Bottom true form 


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