NAME: Onyx 



Parasitic Energy Manipulation

Absorption( all variations)


Absolute intuitive Replication( can even copy the abilities of users of singularity)

Transcendent Oblivion embodiment 

Omniverse destruction

Almighty Absorbing Replication

Backstory: In the cursedwarriorverse Onyx is the living apocalypse and will absorb anything and will not stop until everything in the omniverse has been "eaten" by him. 

Mordus( was Onyx's archenemy and wanted to see the destruction of all that Mordus has created as well as absorb the entirety of the multiverse and every reality that exists, but Mordus finally trapped him and placed him into an inescapable prison only able to be opened by an outside force (cameos) Since then Unown was placed into every reality to make sure Onyx did not escape because if so it could mean omniversal destruction.