NAME: Talus 



Specialist Electricity Manipulation

Specialist Metal Manipulation

Specialist Data Manipulation

Advanced Telepathy

Unique Bionic

Backstory: Talus belongs to a race of robots that live apart from humans by living on a different planet. Talus' race of robots have mastered the "Cybermetaphysical planes" of their body and what it is... well... basically the metaphysical levels of a human are physical, mental, and spiritual while the Cybermetaphysical planes of Talus' race are metal, data, and electricity thus he can control the metal in his body to strengthen it and give him super strength as well as manipulate the information in his cybernetic to gain the machine version of psychic powers. Also he can manipulate the electricity in him to fuse his mind with his the electricity in him becoming a sort of robot spirit and is able to transfer his consciousness to another body.


Metal manipulation=body manipulation

Data manipulation=Psychic powers

Electricity=Soul manipulation 

But what makes Talus unique is his ability to read the minds of humans. A power that made his fellow robots hopeful in establishing peace with their planetary neighbours, the humans. But unknown to them another robot possesed this power. A purely evil robot who would become Talus' most dangerous enemy. His name was Corion

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