The R-versers 

The R-versers

Reverse Effect (mastered ability , focused ability , transcended ability )

Weapon Proficency

Supernatural Intelligence

Backstory: the R-versers are a race of basic yet peculiarly powerful race of aliens that have mastered the ability of reversed effect to the point where it affects their homeworld, Dlorwemoh, by making it easier to create things then to destroy. They have achieved a mastery of their power by controling what they call "logic loops" with their minds and choosing which loops to cancel or continue. Their army is very powerful but they are not war-mongers they only fight in defense.


The R-verser culture revolves around simle things like farming and such. The highlight of it though, is the "royal family" as the opposite to most leaders the royal family actually serves the people instead of vice versa, helping with most of the tasks their people work with. Instead of their countrymen the royal family are the ones that go into battle first to protect their homeworld from invaders.

Species facts:

- Nex is one of them. He is a popular figure among them to be honest


While their power is unique and they have destroyed many aliens trying to conquer their world as well as having no casualties of their own . Their comical weakness still remains and more have died trying to "stablize" the wildlife of their world then in wars.   

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