NAME: The Urban Knight (W.I.P)

The urban knight

Real name: Alister Malcom


Peak human condition

Enhanced Accuracy 

Computer operation intuition 

Conspiracy intuition 

Hacking intuition 

Interrogation intuition 

Psychological intuition 

Enhanced preparedness 

Combat specialist

Backstory: Alister was born in Devils Nest: a fisrt world city so riddled with crime that unlike most it needed humanitarian aide. Crime lords and Mafia Dons ruled there as warlords and the police, corrupt beyond imagination, could not keep up with the constant disorder. Alister in his youth would see criminals walk away from jail. Seeing as how this problem would not be fixed with soft justice he decided to solve it with ruthless force and became The Urban Knight. 

However, Urban Knight did not stop at simply placing criminals in jail but rather killing them. But even he suddenly had doubts of his cause and started to wonder what separates him from the villians he kills. Then he met Salent, a ruthless unrepentant evil manic with no redeeming qualities. From that day on the two have always fought but The Urban Knight never killed Salent for a reason he did not know (or rather one he convinced himself he didnt know).

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