Name: True Lord 

True Lord

True Hero (All applications and Variations

Dark Lord (All applications and Variations)

Backstory: True Lord is an antagonist in the new verse I am creating called the Archeverse. In the Archeverse True Lord was once called by a different name: Mathias. He was going to have the archetypal power of Knighthood but was not interested in that power. He had always seen the destruction of worlds when True Heroes and Dark Lords fight and always wanted to prevent that. on day when two inheritors of the archetypes where going to be chosen Mathias interrupted and absorbed the two archetypal powers ultimately making his own archetype called "True Lord". True Lord is an unstable being who flips between good and evil at any given moment and since he possesses and unfathomable amount of power this is a frightening thing. His mere existence alters the Archeverse making highly improbable things happen since his power should'nt exist

Archetonian Physiology 

Just putting it here to give people an idea of the spieces. 

All Archetonians have Solipsistic Manipulation but only to their Archetypes meaning they are in control of anything relating to said archetype and have all powers relating to said archetype