Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 7 December 2017

Detective Steward

Full name: Jason Michael Steward


Police Supremacy

Social Intuition

Interrogation Intuition

Enhanced Investigation

Enhanced Charisma

Enhanced Brain Capacity

Psychological Intuition

Backstory: Jason Michael Steward is the "self-proclaimed" best detective in the Sorsborrow Police Department (S.P.D). In his childhood he lived in a particularly nice part of the city and was your normal average teenager with a "less then caring family" but despite that he enjoyed the time he spent with his childhood friends. Until the good neighbourhood of Bar St. was overrun by junkies, gangsters, and... the worst of humanity in general. On top of that he developed a rare genetic condition that made his bones less dense making them easily breakable. From then on…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 2 December 2017



Killing Instinct

Insanity Empowerment

Chaos Physiology

Enhanced Knifemanship




Stealth Tactics

Unstable Chaos Energy Manipulation

Backstory: Sable is a psychopathic assassin bent on killing everything she sees. Before that she was once Stella Reqast, an agent of The Pluto Regime. One of the last and best operatives they had she was forcefully submitted into a project to replicate Lastius' foot soldier's enhancements. However, the resulting experminent went terribly thanks to the Pluto Regime's inferior scientists. The result of the experiment was Stella being transformed into an unstable being of chaos and instability. But it wasnt that misfortunate event that made her insane. Unknown to all, Stella's…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 29 November 2017

Nyssa Heller


Dark Psychic Element Manipulation

Flash Step

Elemental Armor

Elemental Mimicry

Dhampir Nephilim

Tranquil Fury

Supernatural Combat

Supernatural Intelligence

Backstory: Nyssa was the sister of Countess Lucia back in the days before Lastius 's rule. Nyssa was always treated as the shadow of Lucia and was tasked with much of the family duties while Lucia ordered people around. She was able to tolerate the tasks as they made her smarter but once Lucia ordered her to be exiled she lost all allegience to the Pluto Regime and then decided she was going to be the one giving orders from now on. She made her own sizeable army known as The Wardens which specialized in infiltration and espionage. Their plan was to wage war on all fronts...which went a…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 28 November 2017



Supernatural Endurance

Ultimate Regeneration

Ultimate Freeze

One Good Eye

Enhanced Condition


Orc-Human  Hybrid

Backstory: Nosk was a knight fighting against the armies of Lastius Cerbex. And was on the side of the primitive orc army. However, the war did not go as planned and ended with the armies of supernatural creatures teleporting through various routes and using magic of all different kinds. Nosk ended up in a small kingdom where he would take refuge. Literally overnight, Nosk realized that Lastius could not be fought, but perhaps he could be reasoned with. The first and hardest problem was to find a way to get Lastius' attention which would have seemed impossible until one day an army literally appeared on the kingdom's front d…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 22 November 2017

Countess Lucia Heller


Dhampir Giant

Dark Stellar Manipulation 

Semi -Immortality

Elemental Armor 

Ambition Empowerment

Ambient Genesis

Backstory: Years after Lastius Cerbex obtained the ultimate power to control both spectrums of power The Armageddon's Eye grew to be a truely unstoppable group, not opposing them was common sense. However, there is one person who believes she could take over the ever growing empire. Countess Lucia Heller is one of those people in history that tries to stop the unstoppable. Born into a "complicated" supernatural family, Lucia was told that the universe was hers to inherit and so she acted upon that belief taking over the throne at the age of 16 and had been preserving the subjects of her world for a few decades. Other empires …

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