Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 25 September 2017

Steel Temson


Electromagnetic Warping

Electricity Manipulation

Magnetism Manipulation

Metal Manipulation (All Variations )

Super Steel: 

Radiation Manipulation

Cosmic Energy Manipulation

Gamma Radiation Manipulation

Radiation Magic (Because thats a thing)

X-Radiation Manipulation

Backstory: Known as "The Science Sage", Steel Temson was born into a family encouraging science. Until an entire society of wizards and magicians seeked to destroy them for their "heresy". The society eventually tracked down and killed Steel's parents and he grew up with a hate for magic and anything mystical. He started out as a villian who even murdered magicians and wizards simply for the sake of using magic until he met Xios who told him to stop acting out of anger and rage a…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 21 September 2017


Real Name: Brian Danvers


Great  Dark Destructive  Determination Embodiment




Supernatural Condition (Master level)

Backstory: Before he would be known as one of Max's  personal villians, Brian Danvers was once a kid with a "complicated" childhood.

He was given about a quatre of the work everyone else had in his early youth making him the slowest of his classmates. Reaching adolesence he was convinced he had a learning disability and apparently everyone else believed him making him have lots of friends despite nearly all of them being false ones. But Brian still believed that his life was complete until one day in his high school years he saw one of his "friends" girlfriend and began to notice something that was …

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 21 September 2017



Homunculus Physiology

Modified Soul

Evil Sense

Soul-Bound Entity (s)

Backstory: deep in the past of New Ares experiments of all kinds were being preformed. One idea was to make an artificial human being that could be expendable and fight wars for humankind in a sort of twisted chess game. Freya was supposed to be one of those beings but she escaped and killed all of her creators. She then found a way into the Unreality (a space between all realities) and discovered a prison there. As thanks the being would owe her his life. That being was known as Ripper. Freya found out that her soul was specially modified to bind otherworldly spirits to it. Filled with vengence she went back to New Ares to make all of the humans there into her own "C…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 20 September 2017

The Crow

Real Name: Oscar Mallen


Dark Energy Manipulation

Necroplasmic Conversion

Sentient Eldritch Weapon

Backstory: Oscar Mallen was once a scientist in the city of New Ares working on weapons to defend the city. But his true task was not to just make weapons but rather find an alternate power source for them. However, this task led him to the discovery of the Unreality. The Unreality is the space between realities that contains mostly eldritches. When Oscar tested the particles drawn from that place he was astounded! they were radiating infinte energy! This could have been able to power New Ares for years, decades even. But when it was moved to interact with weapons everything went downhill. The eldritch energy reacted violently with the wea…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 18 September 2017

Adventures of Anoy: issue 1

Anoy: Yeah thats if your not too lazy to put the rest in.

Oh, come on I'll think of something

Anoy: Leave the sarcasm to me Cursed.

...Anyways, it was a normal day in the supernatural world of Akron. People were testing magic, You know, normal stuff. But underneath the ground a robbery was in progress involving a secret, elaborate plan to rob Akron of its prized possessions and only Anoy and another mystery character can stop them. Anoy soon found himself in the underground safe where it was being robbed.

Mercenary Captain: Alright, we need to hurry or we might attract unwanted attention

Henchman 1: How?! we're 12 feet underground!

Mercenary Captain: The silent alarm sounded the moment this door was opened

Anoy: thats the least of your worries bud…

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