Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 25 January 2017

Lord Skill

Occupation: Legendary Dimensional Warlord

Backstory: Lord skill is one of the three dimensional warlords that wage war through multiple dimensions. 


Omnislayer (mastered ability, ultimate level)

Skill Empowerment(mastered ability, ultimate level)

War empowerment( mastered ability, ultimate level 


The destruction after all three lords attacks:

The lords arrival:

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 25 January 2017

Lord Force

Occupation: legendary Dimensional Warlord

Backstory: Lord Force is one of three powerful Warlords that wage war in multiple dimensions. Their powers are related to their names and all three are nearly unstoppable


Omnislayer (Mastered ability) 

Strength empowerment (Mastered Ability)

War empowerment (Mastered Ability)


The destruction after all three lord's attacks:

The 3 Lord's Arrival:

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 24 January 2017




Ultimate level Jinxed 

Cursed: (and not the good kind)

Infinite unstoppable Resurrection 

Planeswalking via Omniversal Doorknob 

Backstory: After the Near human genocide millions of human survivors were left without a job and a home. but they were still better off then Ted who became a mercenary for hire. But do not be fooled by his apperence he is actually terrible at his career. Getting caught and killed many times never getting used to the pain of death. But there are strange things about him such as every time he dies a stone tablet is left at the spot saying on it "Fight fire with fire and you just end up with even more fire" which none of his killers understand 

TED (up) 

Character facts

-possibly the weakest character in t…

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 24 January 2017



Cyberorganic physiology 

Magitek physiology 

Nigh Omnicompotence 

Badass Adaptation 

All applications and variations of Weapon Proficiency

Absolute Destruction 

Backstory: OMEGA lives for destruction and will destroy anything for the sake of it. He was revealed to be the only attacking force commanded by the imperial 4  to kill most of the overpopulating humans. Leaving only a small handful left. He then took the opportunity in all the chaos to escape. His current whereabouts are unknown but one thing is for sure... a lot of beings are dying.


Main theme:

Fast and Stealthy:

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Cursed warrior 343 Cursed warrior 343 24 January 2017

High Dimensionals

POWERS: all members have master level telepathy. when combining their powers the gain ultimate level telepathy 

they also have expert level psionic powers as well as having strange intellects(Alien minds)

Backstory: Do not be fooled by their apperence. These beings are not corrupt they were evil from the start. They were just better at hiding it then the Imperial 4. The powerful source of order in the universe, The High Dimensionals are politically Invincible. They run a dictator-like system nothing happens without them knowing and their plans for universal rule are so cleverly hidden no one would have guessed them. Their only enemy is Azurath because of his psychic immunity whom they have tried to kill countless times and failed for each.


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