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  • 1 Name: Calvan 
  • 2 Personality:
  • 3 Power Explaination
  • 4 Weaknesses


Word Lord:

  • "Devastation "
  • "Forge "
  • "Will "
  • "War "
  • "Might "
  • "Swift "
  • "Mind"
  • "Fix "
  • "Once "
  • "Weakness "

Supernatural Condition

Backstory: In the superpowered world of Akron there exists an order that is nearly extinct. The Order of the Letter, powerful warriors who who use words to command universal forces and forces beyond comprehension. Unfortunalty, all powers have a price and this one was no exception. If one of the warriors used to many powerful words too many times they would transform into Ragnarok the Forbidden Word, and spread untold destruction across the multiverse. This curse happened a lot and the order's reputation was nearly destroyed and it was up to Calvan to restore the o…

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Poison Embodiment: Zale is the embodiment of poison and as such is able to taint anything. Even existence himself

Poison Fire Manipulation: The flames Zale creates have poisonous proporties such as hallucinations and weakness

Psychic Poison Manipulation: Zale can poison the minds of beings making them go insane.

Esoteric Poison Manipulation: Zale can use mystic poisons to kill magic enemies

Poison Magic: Any magic Zale learns has the added effect of poison laced in

Omni -Ultimate Poison: Often described as "a prison that no one wants to leave from" this poison is the most powerful of his abilities. Making those exposed to it see their most greatest dreams realized while dying slowly

Warrior of The Fade: Being trained by evil Xios so long…

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List of places in the CWVerse


First off, lets start with my main character: Max's city. New Ares has a rather medium sized history, it was founded in December 31st 2019 by three immigrants led by one "man": Xios. The city was built from scratch and was upgraded to become "The Pinnacle of Society" ...It never reached that... but became efficent and sustainable. Sadly, for every good part there is a bad part. Criminals lurk in the underground of the city all led by the powerful villian Carver. 

The only way to describe Entropolis is a "light blanket that covers the grey underground". While it is nothing like New Ares the crime there is controlled by the city's newest hero: The Violet Spectre. Of course, there is always a leading figure when it comes to crime. Dragg…

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Xeno -Mentifery: Xios is able to use the thoughts and imagination of others and warp reality with them to his advantage

Reality Condition: Xios' reality condition is different from others. It not only affects his speed strength, it also gives him powers based on the opponents fears, desires, goals, etc.

Memory Condition: Since he has whole lifetimes literally in his head his memory condition is very powerful. And its increased because of his Xeno-psychic powers.

Imagination Embodiment: Xios has power over imagination and ideas. He is able to project his or other peoples Subconscious , Recreate himself, and write his own story(literally)

Xeno -Psycho Warping: It is a more refined version of his first power. He is able to destroy minds..…

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Transcendent Sloth Embodiment

Fate: Assailant

Victory Empowerment

Unrestricted Motion Paradox

Tele -Isoportation Combat

Meta Teleportation

Mind Control

Sloth Constructs

(when he decides to move at his own will):

Tranquil Fury

Absolute Strength

Absolute Lethality

Seal (familiar):

Living Weapon

Almighty Object (able to use superpowers, especially this one)

Backstory: In the city of New Ares exists an entire society of villians and monsters that parallels the saints and hard-working citizens. Just as how the civilians of New Ares have their champion, Max Corin , the villians have their champion, Carver. Carver was born an orphan in a particularly bad place of New Ares riddled with crime and such. Every resident had the same power, shadow manipulatio…

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