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    Clovis Darke

    August 2, 2017 by D2f3gt6w


    The Darkin Blade

    Enhanced Elementalist (Hemokinesis)

    Chaotic Good


    Irrelavant (Immortal)

    Physically Aged 21

    • Supernatural Condition: Clovis's natural state. He is in supernatural physical and mental condition.
    • Absoloute Hemokinesis: The power to manipulate blood in all of its states and forms.
    • Wing Blade Manifestation: The power to manifest bladed wings out of his back at will. These wings disappear when they are not required. Blades that form the wings can be flung at enemies. These wings also provide the power of flight.
    • Supernatural Swordsmanship: The power to be supernaturally proficient in the way of the sword.
    • Sword Manipulation: This ability is only restricted to his own sword. Clovis can manipulate his blade to do whatever he desires, all…

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