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Lawrence Selforge
Aliases Invincible Monster, Alpha Sweetheart, Architect of Happiness, The Lifemaker
Alignment Neutral Awesome
Status Forever Alive
Occupations Planar Adventurer, Omni-Scientist, Ladies Man, Family Man, Teacher, Adviser, Guardian, Society Ruler
Hobbies Hedonistic Adventures, Loved Ones Cherishing, Societies Cultivation
Affiliation Selforge City (Founding Ruler)

Seira Selforge (First/Closest Creation)

Selforge Citizens (Wives & Daughters)

Silver Sisters (Semi-Artificial Citizens)

Legacy Residents (Extended Lineage)

Soul Forged (Creations & Daughters)

"I see them swirling in your heart. All the hopes and dreams, the wounds and sorrows. All you ever feared, all you ever longed for. You may rest now, dear child. You don't have to pray anymore."
― Lawrence Selforge

Theme Song: The World is Mine

Archetypes: Gentleman Scholar, Chivalrous Pervert, Benevolent Boss, Dimension Lord

Powers: Absorbing Replication, Planeswalking, Singularity

Abilities: Supernatural Condition, Hyper Mind, Self Supremacy

Inspirations : Tony Stark, Superman, Alex Mercer, Amazo, Doctor Manhattan


"Pleasing the ones who please you is only natural. Everything is a matter of balance."

"While all choices are conditionned, the ability to decide for yourself is irreplaceable."

"Do not mistake good will for weakness. When I lose patience, you lose everything."

"Never aim at perfection. Aim at quality. Satisfaction. Happiness. Never perfection."

"Power has no will of its own. It does not corrupt anyone, it reveals who we truly are."

"No one owns the sun. Its light and its warmth belong equally to all who live under it."

"Trust is sacred. Never fail those who believe in you, no matter the context or reason."

"Good or bad is a matter of sides. I am the dream of some and the nightmare of others."

"There is no merit in my talents. Never earned nor honed, birthright of blind randomness."

"Might makes right, is it ? Then feast your eyes on might incarnate, as it feasts upon you."

"Mercy ? When was the last time you showed mercy ? No. Your vile existence ends here."

"I am deeply fond of women, so you will get a chance to start anew. Best not squander it."

"Power is an invaluable tool, but only togetherness blesses life with beauty and meaning."

"Why have only daughters ? Because it pleases me, and is far more advantageous for them."

"The purpose of power is to create and protect the conditions for happiness. No more, no less."

"My greatest treasure ? True love from beautiful souls, duly earned and daily cherished."

Origin Story: Before the omniversal totality emerged into defined existence, a unique infinitesimal shard dissociated from the whole due its inability for spontaneous evolution. While the omniversal totality gradually evolved and took shape into endless infinities of multiverses, its prime undefineness lost during the evolutive genesis, the lone shard continued to drift aimlessly through myriads of planes, bearing truly infinite potentialities but with no traits of its own, until it eventually encountered and merged with a human being on one of the countless alternate Earths. The shard granted the human the power to absorb and replicate anything, being the only surviving piece of the origin of all origins, and the abilitiy to freely move through the planes that led it here, while the human granted the shard awareness and sentience, resulting in the unique entity since known as Lawrence Selforge.

Personal Data


His ability to seamlessly assimilate anything and redefine his every trait at will stripped away all sense of vulnerability, needs and limits, leading to an extremely confident, open-minded and hedonistic personality, ever thirsty for knowledge and experiences, seeing the world as a boundless playgound and everything in it as a source of growth and enjoyment.

He is primarily driven by personal desires, chosen principles and close relations, feeling little compulsion to help beyond them, but his hedonistic worldview makes him inherently hostile to whoever selfishly destroys the happiness of others and respectful of every person’s right to the pursuit of their own happiness, thus leading to a fairly moral behavior overall.

Unlike many powerful entities, he doesn't agree with the infamous "might makes right" self-serving hypocrisy, seeing the two as simply unrelated. In his eyes, "power" is only the measure of one's ability to affect the world, and aside from the obvious benefits granted to its wielders, it doesn't give them any particular "right" over others or their legitimate interests.

He has a secular perception of life, considering that some entities are merely born under more favorable circumstances, that there is inherently no merit in coincidences, and that taking pride in one's abilities is simply unwarranted narcissism.


Sociable and understanding, with a playful spirit and a keen sense of humor, he is interested in a great many things and experiences, exceptional ones in particular. Very creative and pragmatic, he sees success as the expression of truth and usually prioritizes factual results over abstract notions, with durable balance and lasting happiness as primary guidelines.

Very humble considering his capabilities, he places honesty and fairness at the top of his social values, only resorting to violence and coercition when provoked, or if the current situation clearly calls for it. Despite his overall leniency though, respect and self-defense are serious business to him, and those crossing the line invariably suffer a suitable punishment.

Particularly fond of women and intimate interactions, he makes a point of pleasing them beyond their wildest dreams, his body the pinnacle of masculine perfection and his scent delightfully intoxicating, his spiritual presence a boundless ocean of tenderness embracing one’s very soul and his slightest touch an electrifying torrent of exquisite sensations, redefining the concept of lovemaking with incredible skill born from his immeasurable experience and perfect empathic attunement, enhanced further by his uniquely potent pheromones and subtle psionic stimulations for a truly life-changing experience.

While womanizers pursue their own short-term satisfaction and ultimately care little for their partners and the predictable consequence of their dalliances, Lawrence is the opposite : a single night together forges an emotional bond that makes their protection and well-being his personal responsibility, the bond growing stronger with each following encounter and culminating with their Selforge Ascension and later joining of Selforge City, the transcendent utopia he created for them.


Lawrence's mindset is the direct reflection of his dual origin, mixing polar opposites. His overall persona is very human, as it was gained through merging with a human being, and he proves immensely caring and generous to his own people.

On the other hand, his invulnerable nature and towering problem-solving abilities lead to a radically different perspective on life, foreign to fear and suffering, thus focused on the only significant factors left : close relations and self-fulfillment.

Its major drawback is a distinctive lack of concern for unrelated people and the world at large, perceiving "like" and "care" as synonymous, which in turn essentially limits his emotional involvement to personal circles and immediate proximity.

As for the others, he simply adheres to the Golden Rule, returning favors, respect and hostility in the same proportions.


Due to his unlimited upgradability and complete freedom, Lawrence made self-improvement the purpose of his existence and self-enjoyment his way of life, especially considering his limitless planeshifting abilities grant him access to an infinity of new worlds to discover. Despite his ever-increasing funcionalities however, Lawrence remains a very simple being at heart, and all he desires in life is a cosy place to call home, lots of happy female company, and neverending adventures.

He spends his existence living many successive lives on many different planes through temporary avatars like so many real-size games, exploring different ways of life and sides of his own personality, gaining a number of new companions on each of them and moving onto the next when the time has finally come. Each plane's entirety is notably memorized upon arrival for safekeeping, while access to the data is gradually unlocked alongside his experiences as reward system.

In addition, a protective Selforge Geas is placed on all persons of interest identified during the plane-wide memorization, so they may remain safe from any harm until their eventual Selforge ascension, and a layer of Selforge Essence is infused into the plane’s outer spatial borders and inner temporal ones as added precaution, allowing Lawrence to immediately identify any unforeseen development of foreign origin and internal temporal disturbances, and address them accordingly.

While extremely adaptable, he invariably declines gay interactions for the same reason he never takes on female forms : because his gender and orientation are as self-defining to him as his humanity and personality, all permanently imprinted at birth and adamantly unchanging over the aeons, maintaining a durable sense of identity through his endless evolution.


He never performs any personality rewriting without the person's enlightened consent due to his great valuation of free-will, but is prepared and more than willing to extinguish wicked lives, usually transmuting their remains into valuable commodities to the benefit of the most deserving. For the same reason, his overwhelming fighting capabilities are limited to defensive and protective purposes, as their liberal use would forcefully bend others' will, invalidating the previous point.

Lawrence identifies to any appearence he personally designed for himself, which essentially function as the physical expression of his personality according to each specific context. He thus never takes others people's appearence, and rejects the very concept of impersonation as the worst insult to both impersonated and impersonator : the denial of self.

Lastly, he has a strong aversion for Reality Warping abilities, as they essentially nullify the value of work, achievement and even reality as a whole, just like unwanted mental alterations remove the value of the self. All conceptual powers gained during his adventures are thus masterfully re-engineered and integrated to the S.T.A.R system for optimal live adapation, then made available to Selforge Soldiers only so they may defeat virtually any kind of metaphysical opponent.


Lawrence is a multifaceted being on many accounts. As a sentient shard of Prime Undefineness, he is a completely independant consciousness and living database, able to merge with and absorb any existence or phenomenon, and reengineer them into personal vessels through which he may experience reality. His mind is as flexible as it is limitless, allowing him to perform an unlimited number of tasks with perfect accuracy and exist in many places simultaneously via any number of avatars, even compartmentalize and program his own mind in a multitude of subconscious functionalities.

This autonomous self-engineering is the technical foundation of the miraculous Selforge Technology his transcendent utopia is based on, channeled by subconscious slivers on his own being called Selforge Essence, all masterfully programmed with context-relevant shifting functions, and spontaneously adapting to the specific needs of every situation.

All avatars are directly and entirely Lawrence, like the many facets of a single crystal, though each of them is thoroughly customized to optimally fulfill his respective purpose. It notably includes a variety of specializations in terms of knowledge and abilities, especially when it comes to adventuring avatars, to preserve the planes' balance and his lasting enjoyment.

Lawrence divided his own subconsious into upper and lower levels, the accessible upper level dedicated to the operation of Selforge Technology and the processing of relevant data, while the mysterious lower level hosts a boundless ocean of unrealized potentialities, the sum of all accumulated data multiplied nigh-infinitely by their complete cross-reengineering.

Upper and lower levels are mutually interactive, required data automatically rising to the surface and undesired ones sinking to its depths, thus ensuring a permanent optimal balance between enlightening knowledge and blissful ignorance. It is notably in the lower level that predictive calculations are operated, to reap their benefits without bearing their burden.

Selforge Materium

Artificial matter entirely bonded with conscious Selforge Essence, it is the indestructible polymorphic material composing Lawrence's personal avatars. Directly channeling raw data in real time without the need for self-sustaining templates, it can perfectly emulate any kind of organic or inorganic matter and shift at will its numerous properties like texture, shape, density, kinetic or energetic charge, as well as incorporate any force exerted on it and convert them into additional power.

This grants Lawrence an extremely potent, adaptive and resilient physiology, able to withstand incredible amounts of virtually any damage type unscathed, to undo any unwanted alteration instantly, to recyle any hostile phenomena into augmentations, to optimally modify his every attribute on the fly, and to shapeshift a bottomless collection of engineered phenomena from his own body, that may be used in combination with his planeswalking, absorbing and merging abilities.

He can notably generate any type of elemental or energy attacks, and use the Materium they are made of to channel his absorption ability, robbing targets of resistances or immunities and obliterating them indiscriminately. Percing projectiles or bladed weapons could also absorb their target's life-force and magical energy, making short work of mighty opponents.

His merging ability on the other hand allows the Materium to be used in highly beneficial ways, by infusing slivers of it within items, beings and environments, momentarily granting them a portion of its polymorphic properties, before the Selforge Essence within returns to his main body and the recipients stabilize in their new state. From transformation and empowerment to reconstruction, sentience and life anew, the potential boons are as innumerable as they are invaluable.

The Materium physically seals his Essence within his avatars' bodies via complete bonding, thus reducing the use of their primary Selforge powers (absorption, replication and transmutation) to direct physical contact. Technically, they can still generate external layers of independent Essence at will to remotely implement them, but adventuring avatars are usually limited to his Materium physiology to ensure human-sized experience and immersive evolution during extraplanar travels.

Sensory Processing

Selforge Perception.jpg

As a sentient shard of Prime Undefineness, Lawrence’s life experiences are processed on a purely mental level. The conscious Essence animating his Selforge Materium avatars directly operates all motor functions and constantly scan all stimuli in real time, the data being automatically processed by the fraction of his mind dedicated to each of them, and converted into the corresponding perceptions and sensations.

This alternative mode is functionally very similar to biological nervous systems, but offers a number of invaluable extras, like autonomous motor and sensory functions operating with unwavering perfection in any form, properties and conditions.

Lawrence’s unlimited mind notably allows the instantanous processing of any sensory data in all their infinitesimal details, leading to immeasurably sharp senses, and their immediate cross-referencing with all previous sensory inputs, leading to incredibly advanced pattern recognition and deduction ability.

Any sensory input may also be processed via any available sense, for example any light particle coming into contact with his Selforge Materium body may be processed as a visual information, multiplying his already tremendous visual acuity exponentially while granting it omnidirectional range. Sensory inputs may also be simultaneously processed by any of his countless available senses through mental compartmentalization, the smallest sensory input yielding an encyclopedic wealth of relevant informations. Finally, complete analysis of all environmental inputs in real time may grant his avatars sensory-based localized nigh-omniscience, by integrally processing everything on every level into a single omni-sense.

His thoughts and emotions on the other hand operate on an independent higher level, which notably ensures a sovereign peace of mind and self-control regardless of any experiences and circumstances, without the need for artificial regulation.

Signature Moves:

- Selforge Blades : Lawrence combines wire-thin superfast Materium blades to his planeswalking ability, allowing him to instantly cut through anything and strike multiple targets from anywhere, bypassing obstacles and distances, and directly implement myriads of potential effects and modifications from the inside through superficial micro-merging transmutation.

- Selforge Gates : Microscopic particles of Selforge Materium stealthily projected at will to any location via planeswalking, they operate as interfaces directly connected to the Possibility and Transcendence Matrix, allowing Lawrence to remotely materialize any available template, including an immense diversity of artificial phenomena and customized matrix entities.

- Selforge Intuition : complete large-scale scanning combined to Lawrence's unlimited mental capabilities allow him to calculate the local future with perfect accuracy, predicting any possible development and outcome through nigh infinite simulations performed instantly, foresight he refined into a customizable subconscious intuition to preserve his humanity.

- Selforge Geas : Lawrence infuses a sliver of Selforge Essence in the chosen targets via a merging particle of Materium, allowing him to oppose or enforce specific actions and induce any desired effect. Due to its unique nature, the geas is completely imperceptible, overmastering and invulnerable, ensuring perfect results in any situation. It is primarily used to contractually empower his chosen allies, to take control of dangerous supernatural entities and to enslave mighty tyrants.

- Selforge Probability : Lawrence recombined his myriad probability-altering abilities via hyper-advanced supernatural engineering, and refined them into a united and impossibly superior ability, granting him incredible mastery over the realm of probabilities. He perfected it further via automated combination with his template memorization primary power, instantly analyzing new realities and integrating their specifics into the ability, allowing flawless manipulation in any circumstances.

- Selforge Pheromone : Lawrence's Materium physiology passively generates adaptive Selforge pheromones operating as advanced bio-chemical sub-communication and subtly regulating environmental moods, notably keeping his attractive power under control and preventing addiction. Additionally, they offer many indirect practical applications via the passive dissemination of Materium particles, that can be activated into Selforge Gates/Geas or transmutation vessels at any time.

Live Action

Steel Sirens

Named after their combination of implacable strength and irresistible charm, Steel Sirens are the division of soul forged assigned to Lawrence’s service, working as his personal retinues and field agents during his many travels and various occupational activities beyond Selforge boundaries. Like all soul forged, they are the semi-artificial daughters of his soul, created from a sliver of his essence he evolved into their own Soul Essence, brought to full-grown maturity and infused with the identity that best suits the planar context of their creation and intended purpose, making them beautifully unique.

They usually start as small groups of close companions during the early stages of his extraplanar adventures, assisting him in his many quests with remarkable expertise and reliability while providing the heartwarming kinship that his lonely beginnings typically lack since everything is yet to build, always standing by his side wherever his journey may take him and supporting his endeavors with unwavering dedication, forging over time a particularly close relation with their maker.

This inner circle is later completed by an increasing number of new Sirens related to them, providing tactical support to Lawrence's expanding operations via a growing network of specialized agents, that steadily gains in size and complexity alongside them. Their standard assignments notably include investigating opportunities and laying the groundwork to their realization, infiltrating opposing factions and undermining their activities, training and coordinating his followers into highly effective organizations, and filling various key positions that require both complete trust and particularly sharp skill.

According to their Selforge nature and as befitting of their title, Steel Sirens invariably possess a female personality and are natural shapeshifters, favoring a primary humanoid form and exploring aesthetic variants of it. While their general capabilities are determined by their individual history, their flexible power-level and unmatched talent for learning allows them to quickly and effortlessly pick up any complementary skills that may be required for the fulfillment of their missions.

Base of Operations

Selforge City 3.jpg

Selforge City is a fully independent nation-state located on the artificial plane Selforge, nicknamed "Superbia" in reference to its all-female population of immortal superhumans. Both of them were gradually built using Lawrence's accumulated resources, data and reshaping abilities, and are constantly improved and expanded to better accommodate their ever-growing community.

Theme Song: Glow Motion

Archetypes: Mega City, Lady Land, One World Order, Ethical Hedonism, Living Forever Is Awesome

Selforge Citizens.jpg
DCS 22.jpg
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Immigration Policy

Originally created as a permanent home in between his endless travels, the place grew and evolved alongside his own progresses and discoveries, welcoming an increasing number of women he grew particularly attached to, wishing to offer them a happier life safe from harm, suffering and the ravages of entropy, and longing himself for lasting company.

The joining is thus a personal, selective and informal process, Lawrence handpicking and welcoming his chosen comrades, dear friends and lovers he wishes to forever keep by his side.

The first among them are usually traveling companions and similar relations forged during his action-packed adventures, their rich history side by side and deepening bonds along the way making them the closest to his heart and earliest to join.

His attractive power and taste for women also bring a wave of secondary relations blooming in the wake in the first, usually civilians he took a liking to leading more peaceful lives, his ubiquitous nature allowing him to comfortably nurture them on the side without any interference on his adventurous lifestyle.

These two categories eventually lead to a third, the children born from their unions with Lawrence during his time in their native plane, who are raised and spend the beginning of their immortal life there as well, their Selforge gifts and later joining of their father’s home plane being their inalienable birthright.

Selforge Essence

Logistical foundation of all Selforge Technologies, Selforge Essence are slivers of the sentient Prime Undefineness that is Lawrence, usually bonded to specific beings, objects or locations and able to briefly expand to any size. They are primarily used to materialize templates within a given space, to scan/transform preexisting environments, to absorb/recycle hostile forces or unneeded constructs, to implement/remove/modify supernatural effects, or any combination of the above.

New slivers can be formed at will and translocated wherever needed through Lawrence’s natural planeswalking abilities, bonded/reclaimed and assimilated back with little more than a symbolic act of will, offering an extremely efficient, versatile and independant form of technology, assets magnified further by the integration of auto-adaptive subconscious applications.

Economy and Society

Selforge City's economic system is fully independent, all its myriad needs entirely supported via the miraculous Selforge Technology, characterized by an all-purpose shifting process, functionally bottomless resources and an incredibly efficient organization, all of it directly derived from Lawrence's abilities.

The concept of currency is thus nonexistent in Selforge City, all citizens having equal and free access to its near-infinite assortment of lavish residences, luxurious accommodations, advanced facilities, top-quality goods and custom services. As relational icing on the golden cake, each of them is free to pursue a romantic relationship with Lawrence and eventually build a family together with no more than a request - arguably their most exquisite privilege due to his mind-blowing caliber and dazzling charm, soul-deep empathy and everlasting love.

Selforge City is particularly cosmopolitan due to the extremely diverse origin of its inhabitants, integrating numerous cultural and technical contributions from their original societies, later re-engineered into many variations and combinations to further improve the city, expanding and refining its countless offerings, and in turn optimally welcome its newest members.

Devoid of any actual government, it operates as a benevolent family administration, one particularly receptive to the lasting well-being of every member, each decision directly shaped by their collective needs and wishes, and treating them all with utmost equality, thus forging an unrivalled sense of belonging.

Selforge Ascension

All new citizens are blessed with an individualized sliver of Lawrence’s power/self called Selforge Soul Essence that fully synchronizes with their being. The process expands and redefines their nature, freeing them from the constraints of mortal existence and welcoming them in the Selforge family.

From this point on, citizens are essentially subjective beings able to freely customize their every trait based on available data through a simple act of will, much like Lawrence himself, only limited to the female gender and general attractiveness.

Their ascension thus puts all citizens on a completely equal footing, erasing all pre-existing inequalities and nullifying the very concepts of inadequacy and shortcoming, allowing each and every of them to be exactly the person they want to be, most usually sticking to an ideal version of their former self.

It also grants them many other personal blessings derived from his own abilities, including complete immortality, pain immunity, instant restoration, intra/extraplanar translocation, supernatural empowerment and telempathic communication.

This personal transcendence combined to Selforge City's ideal living conditions naturally lead to very balanced and friendly personalities, improved further by the natural SSE based empathic synchronization between citizens, allowing them to directly share and understand each other's feelings, experiences and emotions, making them closer than family.

Social Organization

Selforge City’s peculiar social structure is centered on the concept of Sisterhood, naturally formed between citizens sharing strong ties, common history and special affinities. Sisterhoods are naturally evolving alongside their members, welcoming new members through joining and procreation, eventually dividing into smaller ones formed between citizens sharing the closest bonds after reaching a certain threshold.

As the emotional center of their life, Lawrence relies on large scale avatars to personally treasure his immense family. A distinct avatar is attuned to each adult citizen reflecting their individual preferences, answering their requests for attention within reasonable limits and otherwise leaving them to their affairs, thus making every moment shared together invariably precious while preserving their freedom and independence.

Native citizens are notably raised by their mother's dedicated avatar, and are bestowed their own usually based on it upon reaching full-fledged adulthood, while avatars belonging to couples and similarly close groups may be merged together for family unity, and their multiplicity restored when required. Independent avatars are also in charge of various collective activities, mostly in the fields of education and entertainment.

This ubiquitous nature combined to his overwhelming abilities and heavenly kindness naturally lead citizens to see him as their own tutelary deity. Their very close and personal relation however making worship irrelevant, he is simply revered for his divine qualities and beloved for his countless blessings.

Urbanism and Ecology

Selforge City is an impossibly vast utopian metropolis located at the heart of the Selforge plane, forming an evolving mosaic of magnificent urban and natural environments reflecting their local denizens and stretching nigh-infinitely in every direction.

Due to the all-powerful and ever-shifting nature of Selforge Technology, nothing in the City remains the same for long, its geology, facilities and ecosystems endlessly transformed day after day by Seira based on universal telempathy and perfect precognition to best amaze and delight its eternal population.

The skies, weather, seasons and landscapes in particular gradually shift into a wide variety of enchanting sceneries matching the collective moods of its inhabitants, adding a heavenly touch of wonder to the cityscape and giving private parties and popular festivities a truly entrancing atmosphere.

Sex and The City

Sexuality has a special and complex significance in Selforge City, being as much a source of earthly delights as emotional bonding and self-affirmation, directly reflecting its core values.

As such it is held in high regard by the community as a whole, citizens exploring and cultivating its various expressions with enthusiastic freedom under their ruler's benevolent guidance.

While only women may enter and join Selforge City, he is neither jealous nor possessive, all citizens freely entertaining any relationship they may fancy alongside their planar travels.

Security and Defense

Selforge City exists in its own independant space-time, only accessible to Citizens and Soldiers via Selforge Technology. As a direct extension of Lawrence, it remains fundamentally imperceptible, inimitable and completely impervious to any subversive attempt, usually answered with a lethal backlash.

He also incorporated a Selforge Defense System in its space-time's external layers as additional countermeasure, radically preventing unauthorized entry while stabilizing and protecting it from external forces, any potential threats being directly consumed and recycled in real time by the demi-plane itself, making Selforge City its own ultimate weapon and defense.

Entertainment and Realization

Selforge City is entirely self-providing thanks to its extremely capable ruler, and offers free access to an immense diversity of luxurious relaxations, activities, knowledges, cultures and entertainments inherited from countless extraplanar societies, sustained by inexhaustible resources, optimally managed and constantly adjusted based on telempathic feedbacks to best answer the citizens' various needs and expectations, giving the demi-plane a distinctive feel of cosmopolitan paradise.

However, a balance of professional occupations and foreign experiences remains necessary for long-term fulfillment. To answer this need for self-actualization, Lawrence designed the Selforge Reality System (SRS), an advanced network of artificial alternate realities connected to the Possibility Matrix, created via the reshaping of large-scale resources collected from a barren multiverse, and the engineered recombination of massive extraplanar data gathered during his many travels.

These Inner Planes are immense and independent realms onto themselves, each of them possessing its own complex history, geography, ecology and geology, its own natural laws, exotic materials, technologies and supernatural forces, their own countless species and civilizations with their plethora of societies and factions, personal stories and political intrigues, with innumerable places to explore, objectives to accomplish, flamboyant characters to meet and mysteries to uncover.

To citizens, they essentially function as a real-life version of MMORPGs, but are taken more seriously considering their persistent actuality and lasting consequences, each of them being durably shaped in many direct or indirect ways by the collective actions and decisions of the citizens participating.

Each Inner Plane offers its catalogue of abilities, evolutions and personalizations reflecting the local lore, unlocked and improved through citizens’ SSE via the completion of special objectives. Their relative power-level on the other hand grows automatically alongside their overall involvement in the plane, allowing them to comfortably change career along the way.

Citizens thus spend a fair share of their lives adventuring in the Inner Planes, these excursions working as educational experiences completing and balancing their more hedonistic lifestyle, and regularly reminding them of how lucky they are.

Selforge Network

A Selforge Technology combining Lawrence's planeswalking to a wide array of engineered extrasensory abilities, it works as an automated information broker, collecting observational intelligence from many other planes, processing and making them available in a very efficient and comfortable format.

It notably allows Lawrence to keep an eye on the planes he previously visited and watch over his many natural children, predicting threats to their well-beings and neutralizing them in advance, while subtly cultivating a constructive, fulfilling and meaningful environment to protect their long-term happiness.

It also keeps citizens well-informed of intraplanar history and ongoing events, so each of them may optimally choose their destination and adventures according to their current wishes.

Citizens seeking a more authenthic alternative may opt for extraplanar experiences, although the unfriendly randomness that is the rule beyond Selforge boundaries naturally leads most of them to favor the artificial but much more satisfying Inner Planes, masterfully designed to fulfill their expectations.

Demography Management

Due to their enhanced physiology, Selforge citizens have no menstrual cycle and are instead permanently fertile, their sex life rhythmed by daily ovulations while Lawrence’s seed shifts to the most compatible properties, optimally completing each individual egg. Sexuality in Selforge City is thus inherently procreative in nature, every sexual relationship with Lawrence invariably leading to a successful fertilization, while citizens' SSE operates as natural contraceptive towards foreign seed.

Fertilized eggs are then memorized alongside their mother's ID, chronological order and circumstances of conception, and enveloped in protective gem-like spheres called Life Stones.

If the necessary conditions are not satisfied, their Life Stone is automatically transferred to an independent and expansive system of Inner Planes called Legacy Heaven, infused with the same Selforge Providence ruling Lawrence’s Soul Haven, where they enjoy a most delightful existence within wonderful changing worlds evolving for their fulfillment, new ones being regularly created to welcome Lawrence’s expanding legacy.

If citizens desire children and are suitably prepared for their role, their fertilized egg gradually matures in utero within their egg-like Lifestone via PIM technology, avoiding physiological inconveniences while ensuring a strong pre-natal emotional bonding, and the passive inheritance of the latent knowledge and understanding required to be natural exemplary children.

Native citizens are raised collectively within their respective Sisterhood by the mothers and elder sisters, showered with love and care from the earliest age and growing up together as very close siblings, leading to highly sociable and fulfilled personalities united by a particularly strong sense of kinship.

Their physical growth follows an unusually subjective pattern befitting their nature, and essentially reflects their psycho-emotional maturation. For this reason it usually takes a much longer time for them to reach full-fledged adulthood, enjoying their little world in peace and exploring new possibilities at their own gentle pace, while their collective lifestyle naturally synchronizes their maturation into harmonious generations.

Educational System

Education in Selforge City is based on complementary balances and focused on its human and inter-personal dimension. Basic lessons are taught within each Sisterhood via a flexible home tutoring system presided by Lawrence's dedicated avatars, strengthening the family bonds between elder and younger members through the inter-generational sharing of their respective knowledge and experience.

Advanced teaching is personally provided by Lawrence to citizens of all ages through inter-sisterhoods academies, in which he plays the role of both headmaster and homeroom teachers via specialized avatars, allowing them to directly benefit from his unparalleled expertise in every possible field, while building a deeply trusting and nurturing relation from an early age that continues blooming throughout their adult lives.

Classes are typically composed of masterful lectures followed by play-based group experiments, notably assisted by former students who took a liking to the academic world and wishing to contribute to the maturing fulfillment of fellow citizens. They take place both within Selforge academies and during many field trips in associated Domains and educative Inner Planes.

Extraplanar Children

Lawrence's journeys across the extraplanar infinities result in many natural children, who according to his gendered policy and genetic mastery all turn out to be girls, their numbers and situation varying according to his chronological involvement.

If the mothers-to-be are ready and their circumstances allow it, the conceived daughters remain with them and grow up under their tender cares, maturing into exceptionally blessed individuals as their fatherly heritage awakens, many of them eventually stepping forward in the wide world to forge their own legend as heroic adventurers and visionary prodigies.

If they are not ready yet or their circumstances not favorable enough, their daughters’ Life Stone is transferred following conception to the same Legacy Heaven also welcoming his legitimate children when the mothers are not ready, ensuring them all an ideally fulfilling existence in a benevolent world.

In early stages his children are fairly few and conceived in the wake of his adventures, Lawrence helping the future mothers secure comfortable positions when needed or strengthen the power and influence they already have, gradually forging the foundations and framework of a mighty family-based network, that will provide the necessary resources and connections to nurture later generations and support associated operations.

As his fame grows they eventually become legions, Lawrence blessing an increasing number of women deemed worthy of his favor with an empowering Selforge Geas in return for an oath of fealthy, that later evolves into their own Soul Essence once they are ready to have his child. To preserve the planes’ gender balance despite his all-female lineage, male children are born from native fathers alone, their seed condensed and transformed in utero into fertilized eggs by the mothers’ SSE, which then mature normally and soon give birth to baby boys.

Native men that Lawrence’s protégées have vouched for may also receive their own personal enhancements, in return for a lifelong pledge to be the best man, husband and father they can reasonably be, the contract being rescinded and its perks retrieved if they no longer live up to their end of the bargain.

To ensure daily connection and nurturing with his extraplanar daughters without upsetting the balance of their societies, they are invited to join him at the end of their daily cycle in the Selforge Domain associated to their respective plane, where he provides each of them with all the love, cares, education, training and enjoyment their growing heart and mind require, before their return at the exact place and moment they left, where they may rest and enjoy their daily dose of Metaradise.

They can naturally sense each other’s presence and share a strong innate sense of kinship, drawing them to each other and leading to the foundation of international organizations, federations and coalitions. These typically follow a long-term philanthropic agenda and wield massive power and influence on the socio-political scene, thanks to the combination of their inherited gifts, accumulated resources and behind-the-scenes patronage, Lawrence’s widespread legacy ensuring a lasting cooperative stability between the plane's different countries, gradually building a happier world and prosperous new age.

As ever more women ascend to Selforge status later passed down to all their female descendants, they eventually become the de facto superior gender of their respective communities, ultimately leading to a full reversal of traditional gender traits, their societal model then smoothly transitioning into a benevolent matriarchy where women are revered and men are treasured in equal measure, a culture of casual swapping completing serious relationships with exciting diversity.

After a very long life well lived in unwavering prime eventually comes the time to move on. Farewells are then made with their loved ones, friends and community as a whole, their physical form beautifully disaggregating into light dust before their Soul Essence planeswalks to Selforge City and re-materializes in an introductive sub-section where a welcoming ceremony awaits them, presided by Lawrence and composed of family members who passed on first, this reuniting celebration marking the beginning of their exquisite new life as Selforge citizens. Their male lovers, friends and relatives find their own afterlife in the Possibility Matrix, blessed with a place of honor and life of their choosing, often visiting the Selforge Domains of the citizens they were closest to, sharing pleasant compagny, old memories and fresh opportunities.

Possibility Matrix

DCS 39.jpg
DCS 41.png

The Possibility Matrix is a psycho-virtual multiverse, a perfect and impossibly vast mental simulation entirely operated within Lawrence’s mind. It is the virtual manifestation of the creative potential of the data he accumulated, giving form and context to the possibilities they hold exactly as the name implies, and allowing their safe exploration without any consequence.

On the one hand, his limitless processing and mindshifting capabilities combined to the Matrix's purely informational nature allows both infinite scale and complexity, free of any cost in space, materials or logistic. On the other, the Matrix being entirely based on re-engineered empirical data allows him to seamlessly materialize and implement any part of it into reality at the corresponding cost, as well as transfer any part of reality into the matrix by integrating its data/resources.

The Inner Planes are notably designed within the Matrix and later brought into real-space through template materialization, complete with a perfect retroactive history making their true origin untraceable. The matrix notably functions as afterlife for their inhabitants, seamlessly reincarnating in the simulation via transfer of their soul data, which combined to their special mind frame guarantees a drama-free existence and mutual continuity between Inner Planes and Possibility Matrix.

The PM offers myriads of invaluable applications, including primary template database and predictive model interface for the updating management of Selforge City, as well as virtual pocket multiverse allowing an artificial summoning system of astronomical diversity. Like all Selforge technologies, it mostly operates on a passive subconscious level, allowing optimal real-time efficiency in all things without the inconvenience of invasive monitoring or undesired nigh-omniscience.

Selforge Metaradise

DCS 40.jpg

Citizens entering their daily resting period spontaneously join the Matrix via their SSE, more precisely a citizen-only section aptly called Metaradise, also known as Selforge Wonderland.

Each citizen emerges in their personal territory, a boundless transcencent realm exclusively dedicated to their unrestricted individual fulfillment, in which the unlimited perfection of the Matrix backed-up by the totality of Lawrence’s knowledge and his full engineering abilities allows the free realization of their every dreams and wishes, without any condition or limitation.

Many choose a balance of benevolent uncertainty by placing their destiny under his personal cares, their telempathic bond allowing him to reshape the entire realm in real time to their deepest satisfaction. Some prefer a more active experience, ruling their infinite realm as omnipotent Goddesses, while others favor a simpler but no less glorious path, embracing a nirvana-like existence of spiritual perfection and absolute serenity.

Much like dreams, very little remains of their metaphysical experience upon their return, while memories carry on from one to the other, allowing them to fully appreciate both sides of their lives. This resting period also functions as mental rejuvenation, refreshing their emotional parameters and transferring daily memories to the passive half of their personal database, comfortably absent until called upon, allowing them to continue their endless lives without any kind of burden.

The Metaradise is notably the transversal realm where citizens and their children living in the Legacy Heaven may catch up, bond together and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content, either via gates between their territories or the creation of in-between domains taking after both, the unlimited capabilities granted to them during their stay bypassing traditional obstacles, notably the fertility-based numerical gap between mothers and children through subjective time and ubiquity.

Transcendence Matrix

SMC 2.png

While the Possibility Matrix is dedicated to the psycho-virtual engineering and later materialization of entire realms in all their immeasurable complexity, the Transcendence Matrix is a more specialized version focused on the untold myriads of supernatural abilities Lawrence acquired during his endless extraplanar travels, the unlocking and exploration of their true potential and its selective implementation wherever required.

Where the Possibility Matrix is about all-purpose creation and construction of any items, entities and locations on any scale, the Transcendence Matrix is thus about empowerment and redefinition, and revolves around the complete retroactive analysis, reprogramming and cross-reengineering of collected abilities into a virtually infinite wealth of alternate, enhanced, hybrid and even brand new abilities, multiplied exponentially by the possible integration of any available data into artificial magic systems and each power's highly customizable nature.

The Transcendence Matrix operates as a sentient database, instantly processing all power-related available informations and constructing the most suited abilities to each applicant and situation, often in a spell-like form for its cultural beauty, bestowed either separately or in archetype-related packages.

It is notably the source of citizens’ metahuman abilities, directly accessing the Matrix through their SSE and personally selecting, switching and customizing their individual power set for maximal satisfaction.

Resource Management

Plague Realm.jpg
Infernal Realm.jpg

The fast-paced and never-ending expansion of Selforge City, the massive Inner Planes completing it and the exponentially vaster Legacy Heaven that welcomes his expanded lineage led Lawrence to consider early on the underlying issue of resource management, and research long-term solutions to the ever-increasing quantities of materials required to durably sustain the endless geometrical growth of his global utopia.

The first step of his search was logically oriented towards the maximal optimization of available resources, to always make the utmost of both present reserves and future additions. It eventually took the form of a specialized Selforge Technology enabling the perfect resizing of any phenomena on a virtually infinite scale, that he called PIM technology (Perfect Infinite Miniaturization). It allows the materialization of subjectively immense territories for an infinitesimal faction of their original cost, the seamless automatic rescaling of any entrance and departure empirically nullifying any comparative difference.

For all intents and purposes, the resizing operated via PIM Technology is virtually undistinguishable from the famous "bigger on the inside" spatial distortion phenomenon which allows the containment of vast portions of space within much smaller ones, while reducing the associated resource cost to insignificance and allowing a finite space to contain an infinite number of nested sub-realities with independent space-time.

His search was then re-oriented towards the maximization of available resource, which implied finding and collecting truly astronomical reserves that no innocent soul would reasonably miss. Traveling throughout the endless Outer Planes beyond Selforge boundaries, he started by identifying the nightmarish realms that were little more than festering wounds upon the rest of their cosmology, or those that are singularly defined by the mindless destruction unleased upon it, before surgically consuming them all one by one, including their incalculable demonic population and the hellish deities that called it home.

He realized however that while the tremendous resources acquired in the process may cover the needs of his global utopia for quite a while, they only ever offered a temporary satisfaction to its ever-growing demands, were not a viable answer on the long run, and that a more permanent solution would require him to go higher and further than ever before.

Traveling ever further in search of his ultimate answer, he eventually reached a kind of reality so deeply alien that even its slightest perception would obliterate any entity he had previously encountered. Looking deeper into the fabric of this unprecedented realm, he discovered it was but the tiniest reflection of a metaphysical eldritch deity of incommensurable proportions, its retroactive scanning revealing that the entity itself was but one among countless others, and that the pantheon it belonged to shared a common historical origin with myriads more. Lawrence then used this data to calculate and determine the current cosmological location of each of them, and personally confirmed it via his ubiquitous avatars.

Pondering the nature, potential and implications of these amazing eldritch deities, he concluded that since they were as utterly alien to the human logic and moral responsibility he lived by as they were incommensurably powerful, then these concepts need not apply to them either, and they should simply be treated as a neutral resource. Striking everywhere simultaneously through his previously dispatched avatars, he then instantly consumed the totality of the myriads eldritch pantheons, and their now godless megaverse along the way.

While the immeasurable eldritch transcendence and the associated knowledge Lawrence acquired in one fell swoop were as mind-blowingly potent as they were technically fascinating, their sheer alienness made them all but irrelevant to his world and purposes. The data was thus archived in a corner of his mind and the raw power converted into its conventional equivalent that would be of much greater use, thus providing enough resources for the Selforge plane to expand and prosper forever more without any signs of diminishing.

Soul Haven

DCS 49.jpg

The Soul Haven is a unique place of special significance in the Selforge cosmology, standing out as the only one created for the fulfillment of Lawrence’s own wishes, a recreational hybrid realm made of endless stories, homebrew adventures and all-around carefree enjoyment, that functionally stands on the crossroad between the Inner Planes and Metaradise.

It is equipped with a permanent and automated variant of the Global Selforge Technology used to update the Inner Planes called Selforge Providence, periodically sweeping across the whole realm, collecting all associated data, calculating the best possible next step and dynamically redefining its entirety. The plane thus endlessly shifts in myriads of ways to ideally realize both his immediate and forseeable desires, allowing him to play any role he wishes in any world and story he may fancy, with his knowledge and abilities adjusted accordingly.

The Soul Haven's populations are as changing as the realm itself, being composed of chosen Matrix denizens summoned within its actuality during their respective sleeping hours and temporarily gaining the memories and identity matching their role in the chosen scenario, which they experience as a vivid oneiric adventure. They eventually return to their native world and original self upon reaching its conclusion with only vague recollection of the many events that transpired, their overall experience virtually indistinguishable from a wonderful dream.

Some stories are relatively ordinary, its participants remaining fairly equal to themselves and surrounded with familiar faces, exploring a variety of interesting what-if scenarios or simply introducing a welcome change if pace, while others are more exotic, thrilling or outright epic, taking part in incredible worlds and history-making events, each spanning any length of time via flexible time flow and often divided into multiple episodes.

Children descending from his dalliances with Matrix denizens are raised by the mothers in their native world where they all enjoy the privileged existence befitting their paternal lineage, and may meet their illustrious father in the Soul Haven later on similarly to the way his extraplanar children may see him in the Selforge Domain associated with their respective outer plane, allowing for recreational bonding in ideal conditions and their share of exciting adventures in their own section of the realm.

The Soul Haven is also the planar medium where Lawrence spends real-space quality times with Seira, the Silver Sisters, the soul forged and their descendants, completing the homey comfort and happiness they enjoy in the Silver Gardens with more dynamic and immersive experiences, sharing his worlds and journeys or entrusting them with the lead of the stories.

Gourmet Plane

DCS GP 4.gif
DCS GP 6.gif
DCS GP 8.gif
DCS GP 5.gif
DCS GP 3.gif

Amongst the numerous Inner Planes composing the Selforge Reality System, one in particular stands out : the Gourmet Plane. It is the only one whose inhabitants are fully aware of Seira Selforge’s existence and divine providence, in which she plays the official role of benevolent mother goddess of protection, abundance and celebration, with her own Gourmet culture and organization guiding the plane's communities.

In the early days of the Gourmet Plane, a pact was concluded between them : in return for everlasting prosperity, they would farm the bountiful land with all their might and dedicate their lives to the pursuit and providing of the most delightful flavors.

They live in a perpetual golden age of earthly festivities, their plane-wide civilization revolving around the search, gathering, processing and cooking of innumerable delicious ingredients into exquisite mouth-watering meals of all conceivable kinds.

Most dishes found in Selforge City are grown and prepared in the Gourmet Plane, Seira guiding the gastronomic evolution of nature, and presenting one daily full course menu for each village to be cooked and offered in tribute for citizens' meals.

These are called the "Dishes of Heaven", their masterpieces prepared with all their love and dedication, expression of their deepest thanks and the highest of honors, each village giving it their very best to celebrate their generous mother goddess.

The plane itself is an incredibly vast and extremely diverse mosaic of supernaturally fertile, regenerative and evolutive biotopes surrounding closely knit rural communities, weaved together by the plane-wide Selforge-sponsored organization, providing them the equipment required for the gathering and processing of ingredients among various other commodities.

The Gourmet Plane is completely secure as part of the pact concluded with its inhabitants. In order to ensure this safety and for ethical reasons, the countless animal species thriving in the plane are all non-sentient, carefree animated hunks of delicious meat unconcerned with life and death, birthed from the earth itself at the first lights of dawn and returning to it at sundown, while the flora regenerates and evolves overnight.

Every new day is thus a new food adventure, each morning sun rising on new flavors to be discovered, and each village embarking on a collective holy quest to gather the ingredients of their daily full course menu under the guidance of Seira's chosen ones, before refining and cooking them into a glorious feast whose finest pieces become their offering to her, later mass-replicated for Selforge citizens while the vast remainder is cheerfully enjoyed by all villagers to their hearts' content.

Seira herself coordinates the regenerative transformation of the plane's natural environment, and communicates with its inhabitants through her chosen representatives forming the Gourmet Council of each community. They notably share with villagers the daily list of ingredients, collecting tricks, general directions and cooking recipes they receive from Seira during nightly visions, allocate the tasks and equipments delivered every morning in suitable teams, supervise the gathering and processing of ingredients, lead the cooking preparations and preside the Gourmet festivities crowning their collective work.

Selforge Domains

DCS SC 60.jpg

Selforge City is completed by a large number of secondary demi-planes comparable to planar satellites, created to fulfill a variety of purposes better pursued outside the main plane.

Domains are much smaller than the Inner Planes but highly interactive and customizable, and notably host activities and entertainments requiring large open spaces, as well as exotic resorts and spiritual retreats. A number of them also operate as secure testing grounds for real-size technological, military and supernatural experiments, while others serve as training centers where citizens may test out newly acquired abilities, refine their control and mastery, and polish their various skills.

Each citizen have their unique private Domain attuned to their Selforge Soul Essence only them can enter, which notably offers an individual alternative to the collective Inner Planes, materializing the selected matrix worlds in its physical reality for them to comfortably explore and enjoy at their own pace.

One of their most interesting features is the possibility to take on a leadership role, gradually building various organizations and communities, facing many challenges as they guide them towards success and prosperity, and eventually rule an entire civilization of their own making as immortal supreme leaders. This glorious Empire Building experience ideally balances and complements the adventurous MMORPG freedom of the Inner Planes, with citizens being both independent adventurers in free collective worlds and majestic rulers of their own territory.

Citizen Domains are also the privileged ground where their personal bonds and romantic relationship with Lawrence are individually cultivated, their exclusive access and flexible nature offering a boundless wealth of quality times and dating opportunities ideally matching each citizen’s individual expectations, ensuring them the periodical intimacy required while the empathic kinship and collective synergy of Selforge City retains their lasting preference as primary residence.

Citizen Familiars

Citizen Familiars.gif
Selforge Sentry.jpg

Aside from citizens and Silver Sisters, Selforge City is notably populated by a rich diversity of harmless semi-wildlife livening up the place and pet-like lifeforms citizens are particularly fond of, all of them tailored to the local preferences of each community, and may be permanently bonded to citizens on an individual basis with a sliver of Selforge Essence attuned to their mistress' SSE, gaining the title and status of Familiar.

While citizens are limited to a pair of Familiars each for long-term stability, these are endowed with shapeshifting abilities and may be extensively modified by their mistress through a specific procedure that works as an extension of citizens' own self-customization, allowing the continuation of their bonds and history while suitably evolving alongside their mistress.

Familiars possess a high level of intelligence and are capable of telempathic communication, balanced by a very childlike and playful personality, cheerfully poking around, teasing and playing endearing tricks whenever left to their own devices, or simply rolling around and purring with adorable contentment.

Despite their sheer cuteness however, Familiars prove highly resourceful, possessing their own power set selected by their mistress from the Transcendence Matrix just like her own, and directly uploaded in them through their Selforge Essence.

Familiars are essentially mischievous mini-butlers, following their mistress around, serving and assisting them in their daily activities. They may be stored in citizens' personal database when needed, or sent to special Selforge Domains dedicated to Familiars, tailor-made chibi paradises for the little cuties to chill out and have fun among themselves. They often follow citizens during their adventures in the Inner Planes, both for their heartwarming company and complementary skill sets, and are fierce opponents to reckon with in their combat form, their power-level aligned to that of their mistress and their combined might equal to her own.

Legacy Heaven

DCS 20.jpeg
DCS 60.gif
Shimmering Lands.png

The Legacy Heaven is an independent variant of the Selforge Reality System, more commonly known as Inner Planes, that functionally merges the features of the original one with that of Selforge City, optimally balancing thrilling adventures and homey happiness into a single homogeneous planar system.

It is passively ruled by the Selforge Providence, an amazing Global Selforge Technology that essentially fulfills the same attributions as Seira in the Legacy Heaven, albeit in the much more impersonal and mysterious way of a monotheistic deity.

It gradually transforms and evolves the entire planar system according to the collective dreams and wishes of its chosen people like an almighty benevolent force of nature, brillantly nurturing their greatest long-term happiness via an optimal and ever-renewed balance of fulfillment and unpredictabiliy.

As the name implies, the Legacy Heaven was created for the sake of Lawrence's hidden children, the natural fruits of his innumerable unions within the Selforge plane and throughout the outer planes. Due to their unmanageable numbers on the mothers’ side, he designed their own independently flexible version of his original utopia, where they all enjoy the same privileges as Selforge citizens, except in a more immersive, decentralized and diversified way, divided into many cultures and societies over immense territories in myriads of worlds, forming an ever-expanding mosaic of ever-changing realms.

They grow up within island-like independent Bubble Worlds created for them, born in pairs of fraternal twins and raised by Lawrence and Seira in family communities, with one Silver Sister per household as loving elder sibling and supported by complementary servant castes of loyal soul forged, the twins' soul synchronization during their pre-natal maturation notably forging a particularly close connection that grows with them, and is inherited by later generations. Once their education is complete and they are ready to broaden their horizons, each Bubble World blooms with numerous new regions before assembling like the countless pieces of an immense puzzle into the majestic Nexus Worlds where their adventures begin.

Each Nexus World naturally expands and matures alongside them under the influence of the Selforge Providence, steadily incorporating new Bubble Worlds as additional provinces, and progressively growing a labyrinthine cosmology of secondary worlds and nested sub-realities as they continue pushing the limits of the unknown, the Providence beautifully weaving their innumerable possibilities into an amazing tapestry of destinies ideally reflecting their conscious desires and subconscious longings, each tribe and their members living their own aventures in harmonious coexistence, allowing Lawrence's countless children to savor the best of eternal life as exalted chosen heroines of their own neverending story.

Hybrid Domains

Hybrid Domain.jpg
Hybrid Domain 2.jpg

Hybrid Selforge Domains are a unique category, materializing localized parts of the Matrix in their space-time and perfectly connecting them to the rest of it in both directions via the Selforge Technology infused in their borders. This allows matrix entities to move freely from the Matrix to real-space and back by simply crossing their geographic borders, thus strengthening the tangible actuality of the Matrix through both permanent physical anchoring and autonomous transitions.

The mobile variation is notably a standard feature of citizens’ private Selforge Domains, a large chunk of the chosen matrix world being materialized in its space-time and centered on the respective citizen, the geographical area contained within it continuously and seamlessly changing alongside their travels, allowing them to freely explore its sheer immensity without any disturbance on the Matrix cosmology and fully unnoticed by inhabitants, the transition being imperceptible.

Location-type Hybrid Domains on the other hand usually are relatively small independent territories and political neutral grounds, where any violence or deception is prohibited and laws are absolute, administered by chosen inhabitants and enforced by undercover Selforge Soldiers as police agency.

This unparalleled neutrality, stability and reliability invariably turns them into bustling hubs of activity despite their small permanent population and limited public services, factions from all horizons congregating there to negotiate and sign important political deals and business agreements in the most trustworthy conditions, while an endless stream of merchants flows in and out of the Domains, temporarily setting up shop, buying and selling all kinds of goods, services or information.

Hybrid Domains that allow permanent immigration eventually see their borders expand along the population afflux, drawing more of the Matrix into their real-space as an increasing demographic is drawn in by the prestige and prosperity born from their fruitful frequentation, and selectively welcomed according to both their prior history and potential contribution.

They have no equivalent of nationality, only indefinite residence authorizations that may be revoked in case of law violation, guaranteeing their dutiful abidance and peaceful cooperation. Laws are passed by renewable Councils of Lawrence’s chosen selected according to their competence and representativeness and functioning as a government, implemented by relevant bureaucracies and enforced by Selforge Soldiers. Aside from an immutable Constitution setting in stone the foundations of their society and established before the advent of permanent immigration, most laws are derived from bills submitted through popular initiatives, refined and combined into the most effective legislations possible.

Divine Retribution

DCS 47.jpg
DCS 48.jpg

While Lawrence has little interest for religions and worship, many of the planes he journeys through do have their own actual pantheons, or scattered collections of equally powerful entities exerting a similar level of influence on mortal lives. As his adventures put him at increasing odds with various agents of their nefarious members, their champions invariably falling before him and their schemes foiled one after the other, they eventually have no choice but to personally intervene and put an end to this unrelenting thorn in their side once and for all.

A fatal mistake that costs them more dearly than they could have ever imagined, their divine avatars crushed as easily as their mortal followers under Lawrence's unfathomable might, before using their direct existential connection to reach the deities themselves and consume the totality of their power. Their dried-out husk is then infused with a Selforge Geas and turned into an indestructible living statue erected on the site of their final defeat, the Geas replicating all the pain, fear and suffering they ever caused and uploading it directly into their mind, until the lesson is finally learnt or until the end of times.

The raw divine energies of the former deity are then scattered throughout the wide world, empowering countless promising mortals into a whole new generation of champions that will eventually form the backbones of Lawrence’s own followers, crystalizing into many artifacts of great power and infusing various locations with corresponding supernatural properties, paving the way towards an era of unprecedented greatness.

In the aftermath of this world-shaking event and the resulting shift in power, other deities eventually seek out this game-changing new player, especially those with aligning values who had previously taken interest in his progresses. Little by little, deals are struck and alliances are forged in the ensuing negotiations, ranging from simple non-interference to close associations depending on matching interests and priorities.

The fair treatment of their followers and minimal damage on mortal populations are notably emphasized as his primary concern in terms of policies, the direct origin of the former deity’s fall and the necessary condition of peaceful relations in the future – a fair warning carefully heeded after the epic example that initiated this negotiation table in the first place, making no secret that it can and will be replicated if needeed.

Lawrence’s reputation having thus reached the level of living legend and patron saint of adventurers, the support of deities in funding and organizing his many scattered champions into functional adventuring guilds forms the foundations of his alliances with them, securing his personal support in times of need and priority guild contracts for their own followers, while his VIP treatment within their respective territories and the accommodation of his penchant for women earn them extra favors, including his assistance in delicate political situations.

Using residual abilities from the former deities as cover for his natural ubiquity, Lawrence’s avatars can publicly partake in the plane’s affairs, primarily forming a far-reaching network of guild masters for his followers to gather and organize around, while the claimed divine energies were infused with a sliver of Selforge Materium before their mass-empowering dispersal, allowing him to easily contact and coordinate them, passively enhance them further alongside their accomplishments and extract them back to the safety of their guild in the worst case scenario, thus covering all the supernatural logistics required for his world-wide adventuring empire while keeping his true nature, abilities and home plane a closely-guarded secret.

Soul Forge

Soul Forge.jpg

The Soul Forge is a unique section of the Possibility Matrix, an ocean of pure Selforge Essence dedicated to the creation of artificial Selforge Souls. Their existence begins as slivers of Essence separating from the Source when called upon, before their infusion with the traits, memories and personality required to best fulfill their intended purpose, followed by their awakening to sentience and materialization at the time and place of Lawrence’s choosing where their great work begins.

Unlike the denizens of Matrix worlds who are self-determined beings with their own history and leading relatively ordinary lives, simply transferred into real-space during the creation of new Selforge worlds, the soul forged are dreams brought to life, the love children of knowledge and imagination, sculpted by ideals, exalted by passion and radiant with divine purpose.

Soul forged are paragons of excellence, unshakable resolve and selfless dedication, enacting Lawrence's will and serving his immense family with single-minded devotion. They are most commonly found in the Legacy Heaven, composing the supportive majority of each Bubble World’s newborn Selforge community, and the Soul Haven where they make up a broad range of allies and companions fully immersed into each story.

One of the more prominent divisions among soul forged are the Steel Sirens, who operate exclusively in the Outer Planes under his direct command. They are generally shaped after famous heroes, infamous villains and legendary beings that marked their local culture or history, acting as party members during Lawrence's adventures and eventually filling various key positions in the many organizations he joined or created.

Soul forged descendants on the other hand all grow up within the idyllic Metaradise territory of the Silver Sisters, raised by Lawrence and Seira into family-based noble houses derived from their paternal lineage. They notably have access to the Silver Gardens which are Hybrid Domains operating as real-space extensions of their native realm, and to the Soul Haven later on where they may partake in their father's homebrewed worlds, stories and adventures alongside their larger family.

While original soul forged are inherently created to serve and find complete satisfaction in the fulfillment of their missions, they are nonetheless granted daily access to the same recreative real-space territories their myriad descendants blissfully thrive in, as their just reward for services rendered and in gratitude for their invaluable contribution to the Selforge plane.


Battleworld 1.jpg
Battleworld 2.jpg
Battleworld 3.jpg
Battleworld 4.jpg

Battleworld is a complex of Selforge Domains dedicated to life-size scenarized war games involving a revolving diversity of warring factions of every type and scale within equally changing battlefields. It is there that martially-inclined citizens may indulge their taste for battle to their heart’s content in the historical and geograpical context that best suits them, free of any concern traditionally associated with such environments.

Citizens usually start off with a tutorial explaining the tactical situation and familiarize with their chosen faction, their troops, positions and available assets. They may team-up into all-stars Selforge divisions spearheading the war effort with their devastating collective might, or split into smaller ones and take the lead of separate special forces during coordinated individual missions. Lawrence may notably play the role of field commander and provide them strategic guidance and tactical support, or even join them in battle if they desire it, for the pleasure of fighting side by side with him and for the rare opportunity to personally withness his breathtaking prowess.

Citizens are empowered within its borders with a much higher power-level befitting the violent nature of the plane, allowing them to tear through enemy forces with the abilities and weaponry of their choice and gloriously lead their personal troops and selected faction to victory. Each campaign can include any number missions that gradually evolve in real time with the battlefield situation, including strategic enemy positions to claim at all costs, allied ones to defend against all odds, tide-turning intelligence to acquire and secure in time, and stealthy commando operations to eliminate key targets.

Battleworld is populated exclusively with temporary replicas based on denizens of the Inner Planes and Matrix worlds, modified to free them of any form of stress, replacing it with a limitless fighting spirit and an unquenchable thirst for enemy blood, and adjusting their personal features to best fit their respective faction and individual role, grandiose supernatural music unique to each faction bolstering their spirits further and ushering them ever forward as they engulf the entire battlefield under a multisided tidal wave of howling warriors in a lethal symphony of exhilarated fury and unfettered violence.

Their existence also begins and ends with the campaign they are part of regardless of the outcome, allowing interested citizens to freely indulge their warlike tendencies without the questionable moral implications of what essentially amounts to orchestrated mass murder for the sake of entertainment. Additionally, citizens’ emotional patterns are reset to their pre-Battleworld state upon exiting it as a standard procedure, thus preventing the formation of unhealthy mental habits that would be the natural consequence of such activities, and the epidemic of senseless violence that would eventually follow.

For the same reasons, Battleworld is the only place within and outside the Selforge plane where Lawrence may let loose and freely unleash his unparalleled martial capabilities during truly epic battles of biblical proportions pitting him against untold multitudes and hordes of titanic opponents of every stripe, experimenting with and polishing his countless fighting styles, including divine martial arts, elemental warlord, supreme weapon master, shapeshifting war machine, sorcerous archmage and metahuman powerhouse, and designing ever more creative ways of gloriously obliterating any opposition.

Silver Empire

DCS SE 4.jpg
DCS SE 6.jpg
DCS SE 5.jpg
DCS SE 7.jpg
DCS SE 9.jpg

Located at the center of the Metaradise which lies in the heart of the Possibility Matrix, the Silver Empire is the metaphysical home plane of Lawrence and Seira Selforge’s descendants, the Silver Sisters it is named after, and is primarily divided in two distinct and concentric parts : the Inner and Outer Empire.

The Inner Empire is the smaller of the two, its immensity and constant expansion tempered by its finite proportions and steady nature. It is where the Silver Sisters are born and spend their early life, raised by Lawrence and Seira in human-sized benevolent worlds with comfortably stable rules, allowing them to gradually build their personality and long-term identity in ideally fulfilling conditions before accessing their full power.

The Inner Empire is also the birthplace of Lawrence’s many children conceived with the soul forged in the Selforge plane and beyond. They are all similarly raised by Lawrence and Seira in secondary households affiliated to the Silver Sisters, both out of love and responsibility for the children themselves and in honor of his beloved creations they descend from, who dedicated their lives to the service and support of their maker.

The Outer Empire on the other hand is a realm of limitless immensity and infinite possibilities, that the Silver Sisters access after their coming of age alongside the awakening of their Selforge abilities, notably the limited ubiquity inherited from Seira that enables them to permanently exist both in the Silver Empire and outside of it at the same time, allowing them all to enjoy omnipotent power and unlimited freedom while also being physically available for any task entrusted to them.

The soul forged descendants also access the Outer Empire at approximately the same time, but lack the ubiquity and real-space responsibilities of the Silver Sisters, and so spend most of their lives simply enjoying themselves as legendary heroes and almighty queens in countless worlds of their own making while regularly returning to real-space on various occasions, notably in answer to Lawrence’s call for familiar companions during his many journeys and adventures in the Soul Haven.

The Silver Empire additionally welcomes his Selforge children conceived with local denizens, notably in the Silver Gardens and the transitory worlds of the Soul Haven. They grow up in their native section of the realm raised by the birth mothers in family communities, and regularly spend time with their father in associated real-space territories. Any child who cannot be taken care of by the mother is raised by Lawrence and Seira in the Inner Empire, and both eventually join the real-space Legacy Heaven after their coming of age within newly created Nexus Worlds like the many descendants of Selforge Citizens.

The Silver Empire is completed by a vast number of Hybrid Domains called the Silver Gardens where parts of it emerge into real-space, favored islands of stability amidst the ever-changing realm. Primary Gardens encompass the homes and heartlands of the Silver Sisters and soul forged descendants, where they enjoy a more human-sized lifestyle and cultivate the family bonds which are the emotional center of their life. Secondary Gardens may include any other part of the Empire and can be created at will by their respective Seforge rulers, usually to share their worlds and adventures with Lawrence or to host celebrations, important events and recurring activities.

Selforge Citizens

"Father is amazing in many regards, and his generosity shines the brighest."
Lorelei Selforge
Theme Song: In Your Love

Powers: Supernatural Condition, Immutability, Potential Creation, Shape/Mindshifting, Telempathic Mind Link

Archetypes: Society Of Immortals, Inhumanly Beautiful Race, Everyone Is A Super, Free-Love Future, Perfect Pacifist People


Selforge Transhumanism is derived from a unique Soul Technology called Selforge Soul Essence (SSE), designed through the psycho-symbiotic self-engineering of Lawrence’s own essence and originally prototyped with Seira Selforge.

A sliver of his power/self is permanently expunged of all consciousness and programmed to fully bond with a future Selforge citizen by absorbing their psycho-physical self and integrating their exhaustive personal data into itself, before recreating an idealized version of their original form as the physical vessel of their newfound transcendent soul, in a similar fashion to Lawrence’s coming into existence albeit to a more superficial degree, SSE ultimately remaining an utilitarized fraction of his own being, and is essentially the soul equivalent of a lifelong free rent of a top-class apartment.

This psycho-symbiotic relationship allows Lawrence to directly share his personal transcendence with citizens within predetermined limitations, notably making their Soul-Self (the person within the SSE) as utterly invulnerable as he is, and processing sensory information on an SSE level mirroring their physical form while being functionally independent from it.

Their many Selforge abilities are based on telempathic commands thanks to their SSE's psycho-reactive programming, operating both consciously and subconsciously, notably the aesthetic customization, flawless restoration and contextual enhancement of said physical form, and their individual access to countless other abilities via the Transcendence Matrix.

All citizens are telempathically networked through their SSE, allowing them to immediately recognize and identify each other regardless of their current form, and directly exchange information and emotions from mind to mind, although the Soul-Word retains their cultural preference in day-to-day personal relations, while purely telempathic communication is favored in situations requiring great speed and precision, notably when exchanging vast amounts of detailed information.


Among the many functional enhancements derived from their Soul Essence, two psychological features unique to the Selforge condition unite all citizens, either acquired during their ascension or inherited from Lawrence : a particularly high and stable hedonic set point, and an absence of acquired tolerance to positive stimuli.

The first translates into a high level of natural happiness that far surpasses the standards of most species, ensuring an inherent state of deep emotional well-being that is only marginally impacted by negative experiences, similarly to a mighty inner flame that always shines brightly and barely flickers even under the strongest winds.

The second essentially removes the gradual and increasing desensitization to any pleasurable and joyful experience that gradually robs the long-lived of any reason to live. Every positive experience remaining as colorful and fulfilling as the first time, citizens may savor their eternal existence completely free from the weariness of ages.

These psychological enhancements combined to their amazingly favorable living conditions, deeply loving culture, socio-empathic unity and Lawrence’s unwavering love, guidance and protection thus ensure that genuine everlasting happiness is not only possible, but virtually guaranteed for anyone lucky enough to live under his care.


Citizens' daily routine is mainly divided between urban life in Selforge City, focused on its socializing dimension in a learning and entertaining way, and self-realizing travels in the Inner Planes, centered on touristic discovery and adventurous journeys. Each of them is notably free to organize their day as they see fit, with affinities and group effect determining the fluctuating trends.

This dual lifestyle is completed by a daily resting period rhythming life in Selforge City, that operates both as immortality-friendly mental rejuvenation and temporary gateway to the Metaradise, a boundless VIP section of the Possibility Matrix in which they are blessed with omnipotent power, allowing them to freely indulge wishes that may be incompatible with their society’s collective imperatives.


There are two main kinds of media in Selforge City : official ones dealing with general public information (service/good offerings, activity programs and Inner Planes news/history) entirely managed by Seira herself, and private ones created and managed by individual or groups of citizens regarding specific themes they are particularly interested in, including a large number of Lawrence-centered fan clubs.

It is common knowledge that Seira is virtually omniscient for all things past and present regarding Selforge City, and that it is a necessary compromise to permanently guarantee citizens’ collective and individual happiness both on a day-to-day and on a long-term basis, as fully understanding the needs of every citizen is the only way to optimally satisfy them, and ensure that no citizen ever lacks for anything.


The very diverse planar origin of Selforge City’s inhabitants led Lawrence to create its own unique language early on, which he called the Soul-Word. Largely telempathic in nature and based on the Selforge Soul Essence uniting their entire society, it merges the conventional features of written and spoken language with psycho-emotional communication, the words/sentences and sounds/inflections directly evoking the corresponding ideas and emotions in citizens’ mind, with optimal context-relevant precision and nuances.

This flexible combination of comfortably universal structure and ideally personalized content make the Soul-Word one of the most natural and effective tools of self-expression and interpersonal communication. These qualities also extend to the written format, allowing citizens to personally experience Soul-Word readings as sharply and faithfully as if they were directly witnessing the related events, which notably makes literature a particularly popular hobby, living stories as if they were part of it without troublesome implication.


Thanks to Lawrence’s abilities their whole society is functionally based on, its continued existence, optimal suitability and everlasting prosperity are fundamentally guaranteed, removing the societal pressure for development and innovation that is the necessary driving force moving most advanced civilizations.

Citizens spending their immortal existence in complete safety and an amazingly benevolent environment, their societal mindset is carefreely childlike, seeing the simple enjoyment of life as its natural purpose, leading them to endlessly savor their delightful immortality like an entire nation of female Peter Pan.

The strength and nobility of the bonds uniting them play a central role in their collective happiness, Mother's and Father's Day in particular are among their greatest celebrations, as are birthdays in personal circles, followed by a rich variety of relational parties, and completed by recreational festivals of all kinds.

The most important one notably takes place on New Year’s Eve, and is the Selforge equivalent of Thanksgiving, citizens collectively expressing their heartfelt gratitude for Lawrence’ immeasurable kindness and generosity, celebrating their family bonds and good fortune, and happily kickstarting the new year.


Due to Lawrence’s central role in citizens’ everyday life and his sheer personal gravity in Selforge society, their collective ethics naturally evolved into an extension of his own, one endlessly revivified through personal example, its tenets being the concepts of empathy and fairness, more specifically empathy towards their own kind and fairness towards all others.

The first takes root in a uniquely strong emotional connection with all their myriad Selforge sisters that completely merges the concepts of nation and family, anchored in the universal telempathic bond they share through their Selforge Soul Essence allowing emotions to naturally flow from one to another, leading citizens to experience each other’s emotions as their own and thus as equally important, this powerful inherent care reinforced all their lives through loving togetherness.

The second consists in a combination of moral integrity and self-determination, the refusal to wrong anyone who did not legitimately earn it on one hand and the rejection of unwarranted objective responsibility on the other, ensuring them all a comfortably clear conscience while leaving them free to help or not at their discretion and always choose their own path.

This second side is entirely cultural, an essential part of their relational education that over time becomes second nature, Lawrence keeping a subconscious eye on them through their Soul Essence to guarantee their actions towards foreigners always remain within the limits of the acceptable, gently nudging them back on the right path before they cross any line.


Immigrating citizens originally started as Lawrence's extraplanar lovers, whose mind-blowing caliber, radiant wisdom and unconditional love led them to also see him as the perfect father they always wanted, while native citizens are daughters born from them who later came to see him as the ultimate life companion, and eventually request their share of passion. Both thus develop a similar long-term relation with him, that combines the best of each love into a universal perfect one.

In the same way, their everlasting youthfulness, complete all-around equality and unifying emotional relation to him leads all full-grown citizens to see each other as sisters despite the generational differences, even more so since the empathic Selforge Soul Essence they all share (symbiotic source of their transcendence) are individualized slivers of Lawrence's own being, protectively hosting their soul and creating an inherent sense of kinship far beyond that of traditional families.

Despite all native citizens sharing the same father, they are genetically unrelated due to Lawrence having no actual DNA of his own, instead relying on data-based self-engineering during procreation, this dissociation also extending to the mothers' side due to their DNA being regularly redefined during self-customization. Family relations in Selforge City are thus based on factual conception and personal history, in place of the genetic connections defining them in most species.

While virtually all citizens relish and thrive on the passionate side of their relationship with him, exquisitely satisfying and generously accessible to all, the altruistic family bond uniting them always takes unwavering precedence in Lawrence's heart, and ensuring their genuine long-term happiness is both the only true concern and unquestionable priority in his life.


Sexuality and fertility are closely related and largely synonymous in citizens' Selforge physiology, ovulating in answer to intense pleasure that reaches its climax during fertilization, before smoothly settling down into blissful appeasement and energizing afterglow. Bountiful opportunities notably lead to a particularly rich sex life, especially with their beloved alpha.

Encounters starting and concluding each daily cycle are closer to official relationships, the delightful manifestation and reaffirmation of the strength and intimacy of the bond they share, taking their sweet time enjoying each other within the comfort of their Sisterhood or private Domain. The others are more spontaneous, primal and intense, often doubling as collective entertainment, comparable to torrid extra-marital affairs focused on the unbridled pursuit of sexual gratification.

Citizens' most widespread fetish is notably informal shows, as the SSE-based empathic bond uniting them allows each side’s emotions to naturally flow to the other, the arousal of onlookers directly fueling the pleasure of participants, which is empathically shared back with their chosen audience, in an erotic synergy greatly magnifying their mutual experience.

Most immigrating citizens are originally heterosexual, and gradually develop a secondary bisexuality later on in response to Selforge City’s extremely attractive and empathic population, its ideally favorable and hedonistic environment. Native citizens are born without preference, allowing them to appreciate both sides of their society’s charms without reservation.


Family is the beating heart of Selforge culture, the one value above all from which others naturally flow. It is through the endless expansion and everyday treasuring of their family bonds that citizens’ hedonistic lifestyle find its true meaning and fulfillment, each passing day spent in blissful celebration of their cherished companions and collective good fortune.

As divine founder and beloved all-father of the Selforge species, Lawrence is both the societal center point uniting them all into one immense family and the emotional driving force guiding them through unwavering example, his soul-deep empathy and universal love leading the way and inspiring citizens to treasure each other with the same devotion, their natural telempathic bond channeling these feelings like rivers of love crisscrossing their entire society and embracing all.

In this family-centered utopia, parenthood stands by far and wide as the highest and noblest of responsibilities, and as such is only available to citizens who are fully prepared for the commitment involved, all children conceived outside these essential parameters being translocated to the Legacy Heaven where the motherly torch is taken up by Seira herself from the moment of conception, raising and cherishing each of them alongside Lawrence through individualized avatars.

Due to this strong cultural emphasis on parental love and responsibility, each citizen may only have one child at a time to which they will provide their undivided attention, a new one becoming possible after raising their current child into early adulthood. This demographic regulation combined to citizens' endless lifespan, youth and fertility leads to the periodical restructuration of Selforge City's family units and relational dynamics centered on the latest generation, mothers having their next child in the wake of their elder's maturity while grown-up daughters usually have their first child alongside them.

Their children are then raised together as siblings until their own adulthood, initiating the next cycle and so forth, citizens of all generations refocusing their life and attention on their newborn child with each turn of the wheel of life, leading to an eternally youthful heart, joyful soul and meaningful existence, while their daily access to the Metaradise where they are free from all limitations allows them to stay in touch and spend any amount of time with their extended family circle and the many friends they slowly grew apart from over the centuries alongside the emergence and blooming of new relations.

Notable Relations

Seira Selforge.jpg
Name: Seira Selforge

Occupation: Great Administrator

Powers: Universal Lordship, Cosmic Telepathy

Archetypes: Deus Est Machina, For Happiness, Good Feels Good, Undying Loyalty

Alignment: Lawful Great

Seira is a unique Selforge citizen and historically the first one, empowered with limitless mental capabilities and unrestricted access to Lawrence's knowledge and abilities, entrusted with matching responsibilities and acting as his right hand woman.

She is Lawrence's first independent creation, as well as his oldest, closest and most trusted companion, both the original member of the Selforge family blessed with the first SSE ever created, and the founder of her own unique lineage called the Silver Sisters, who much like her played an essential role in their everlasting utopian society since its earliest beginnings.

They have a great deal of happy history together that long predates the foundation of Selforge City, and over time became more than friends, more than lovers and more than family. On many accounts they are now soul mates, each personifying the anchor and meaning of the other's existence, immortal twin stars eternally revolving around each other.

She is personally in charge of Selforge City’s global management, handling all goods production and distribution, and all public services and activities’ planning, organization and coordination, as well as the demi-plane’s urban and geological growth and evolution both for practicality and accommodation. She is also the de facto goddess of the Selforge Reality System, overseeing the Inner Planes’ evolution and periodically implementing minor alterations to better answer citizens’ expectations, while extensive overhauls are performed from time to time to kickstart larger events and usher in new eras.

Seira was notably granted the official title of "First Citizen" in acknowledgement of her overwhelming and invaluable daily contribution to the long-standing happiness of her entire society, but is commonly referred to as simply "Mother" by Selforge City's population, due to her omnipresent caretaking role and her treasuring them all equally as a single family. She is additionally the favorite female partner of Selforge citizens, and like Lawrence shares her favors generously with all interested, albeit with less regularity so it may complete and enrich relationships between citizens without impeding them.

Aside from her responsibilities as Great Administrator of Selforge City and Overseer of the Inner Planes, Seira spends a lot of time chilling with Lawrence and adventuring together in the outer planes like in the old days, the special bond they share notably granting her the same individualized ubiquity he uses so abundantly, allowing her to be physically present wherever needed and enjoy as much free time as desired while performing her duties with breath-taking near perfection.

Seira's most important responsibility however doesn't take place not in Selforge City or in the Inner Planes, but in the Legacy Heaven where she individually raises Lawrence's countless natural children from all origins alongside him as ideal surrogate mother, lovingly nurturing, guiding and treasuring them from conception and throughout their eternal lives.

The Silver Sisters

Silver Sisters.jpg

The Silver Sisters are Lawrence’s semi-artificial daughters, originally born from his many unions with Seira Selforge, first of their kind and progenitor of their species. All Sisters notably inherited their gift of ubiquity albeit to a lesser degree, and may simultaneously exist in three places at once through as many avatars. One of them usually works somewhere in Selforge City, the Inner Planes or the Legacy Heaven, providing cares and support to Lawrence’s natural family with amazing skill and angelic dedication, while a second enjoys her own real-space quality time in the Silver Gardens or the Soul Haven, and a third remains within her native Metaradise territory where she freely meddles with her countless sisters and lives out their dreams.

The Silver Sisters are conceived naturally in real-space to historically anchor their humanity and physicality, within an immense network of Hybrid Selforge Domains called the Silver Gardens that is a material extension of their Metaradise territory, emerging into real-space like the tip of an iceberg piercing the surface of the ocean, some staying permanently while others periodically rise from and return to it, but they all grow up within their Metaradise homeworlds where time is subjective and dreams are reality, savoring an exquisite childhood alongside fellow sisters before their materialization as young adults.

While each Sister enjoys her own share of passionate intimacy with Lawrence similarly to Selforge citizens, leading to endless children, the motherly role is universally entrusted to Seira who raises each of them within the Metaradise as her own child, the Silver Sisters being emotionally united by an equally universal sibling-based connection.

Much like Seira before them, all Silver Sisters came to life with a deeply loving heart and an inherent sense of purpose, a natural desire to be of help to the transcendent all-father from whom they inherited their core values, which guides their existence and grants them all the blissful meaning and unwavering contentment that most spend their life searching for.

Sisters have as many roles as they have talents, their attributions encompassing Selforge City’s entire service providing sector in all its myriad forms, while Seira is in charge of goods provision, urbanism and organization. Their number within Selforge City thus increases with citizens’ and fluctuates with their need for attention much like Lawrence’s avatars, with a minimum of one Sister for four citizens covering all main activities, proportionally shared between citizens' Sisterhoods.

They are also subtly present in the Inner Planes, where they assist Seira in the supervision and regulation of their myriad realms and communities through various influential positions, as well as adventuring citizens in their own endeavors through a wide diversity of supporting professions, including guides, liaisons, informers, merchants, trainers, quest givers, and personally joining them on the field during important assignments or for the simple pleasure of their company.

Selforge Soldiers

"This world is my children's now, and your kind has no place in it."
― Lawrence Selforge
"Embrace the stillness of eternity!"
― Soldiers Creed

Theme Song: Dance of Nereids

Abilities: Shapeshifting Combat, Reactive Adaptation, Adaptive Power-Level, Planeswalking

Soldier Physiology: Psychic Immunity, Defunct Physiology, Conceptual Anchoring, Scanning

Archetypes: Lightning Bruiser, Master of All, Implacable Man, Made of Indestructium

Selforge Soldiers are artificial entities infused with a militarized sliver of Lawrence's power/self aptly named Selforge Military Essence (SME), granting them unrestricted shifting abilities and direct access to the entire military database and global ressources in real time, freely adapting their form, abilities and power-level to overcome virtually any opposition. It also works as main interface for the S.T.A.R System (Selforge Threat Analysis and Response), a Selforge Technology automatically analysing the empirical data collected by Soldiers on the battlefield via the Selforge Essence within them, and combining it to available technologies and supernatural knowledge to immediately design optimal countermeasures.

Soldiers are generated from a sliver of standard Selforge Essence, planeshifting to the required location before shifting to Soldier Mode, dividing for multiple generation and materializing their physical form. This allows their nigh-instantaneous deployment wherever needed, and their equally swift reintegration once their mission accomplished. When fighting long drawn out battles usually involving massive numerical superiority, they will activate the RAP (Regenesis Absorption Protocol), allowing them to absorb any environmental material to fuel their fighting power and self-replication, and even focus it into all-consumming death rays, quickly tearing down the most resilient targets and assimilating their capabilities.

The numerous conceptual abilities Lawrence memorized during his explorations were also re-engineered into an arsenal of exponentially superior hybrid versions and placed at the exclusive disposal of Soldiers, which combined to the S.T.A.R System allows them to outclass and defeat conceptual powerhouses on their own ground. When the time has come to lay down the law once and for all, they will finally activate the OVP (Omega Virus Protocol), their Essence taking over as they explode into myriads of Materium projectives, planeshifting directly into their targets and instantly assimilating them from the inside, an unstoppable cycle wiping out all opposition within moments and claiming everything they used to be.

While their emulated form may be fully destroyed by the most powerful attacks, the Selforge Essence powering and operating them remains inherently indestructible, seamlessly absorbing any force or effect coming its way. Annihilated Soldiers may thus self-restore from it in an instant, shrugging off the mightiest punishments like they never happened. It may even be expanded into a defensive living shield when facing repeated destruction, nullifying said attacks altogether.

Yet for all their staggering might and incredible resilience, their most fearsome trait is that all Soldiers operate as living extensions of their maker, who shares their perceptions, and may replace any of them to handle the situation personally.

Their primary purpose is the protection of Lawrence’s extraplanar children, and by extension the communities they are part of. This function is usually performed on a preemptive basis, the Selforge Network pinpointing tangible threats to their continuous well-being and sending him the specifics. Lawrence then assesses the situation, strategizes accordingly and dispatches Selforge Soldiers to fix the problem in a suitable fashion, stealthily seizing control of problematic factions, and wiping out all criminal activity through mass execution of hardened wrongdoers and neural rewriting of salvageable ones.

Ultimate Weapons

The most powerful wargears available to Selforge Soldiers were designed by Lawrence based on the direct weaponization of Selforge Essence in its Materium form, and are only used when facing particularly resilient foes or truly massive opposition, to meet objectives under strict parameters, or for tactical purposes on his direct order.

Shifting Bullet - Originally created as contermeasure against targets with exceptionally powerful defensive, evasive, adaptive or regenerative abilities, it locks on the target's signature and directly planeshifts to it, merging with the target upon impact and spreading/memorizing/transmutating its natural and supernatural structure according to a predefined template, nullifying specific capabilities. It can be used lethally by converting the target into volatile materials (unstable energy), or for neutralization/securisation by converting it into some extremely resilient material.

Takeover Bullet - Upgrade of the Shifting Bullet and ultimate single target ammo type, it pushes the mechanism to its logical conclusion, merging, spreading and fully taking over all the targets' systems before converting it into a fully functional Selforge Soldier, inheriting all the target's data and capabilities and pooling them into the military dabase for replication by other Soldiers.

Used on targets with major tactical value, a single shot can turn the tide of a battle by enabling large-scale replication of spearhead technology, or instantly taking control of an entire organization.

Devourer Bomb - The ultimate multi-target offensive device, a selective weapon of mass destruction emulating Lawrence's ultimate technique, planeshifting to a designated location and locking on all target signatures within the area of effect, before brutally tearing appart, deconstructing and assimilating them with irresistible force like a selective blackhole, while leaving all other structures and entities within the area completely unharmed.

It can also be used more selectively by targeting life force, energy sources and abilities, neutralizing all targets without causing any damage, and claiming the corresponding data and resources.

Omega Bullet - Upgraded combination of the Shifting and Takeover Bullets and miniaturized variant of the Omega Virus Protocol, it is the pinacle of surgical warfare, the aptly named bullet of the end.

Equiped with similar locking-on and planeshifting functions, its target is immediatly transmuted/converted on impact and explodes into a massive volley of new Omega Bullets, each of them independently auto-locking their own priority target in a coordinated strategic onslaught, beheading and dismembering the opposing army within moments before engulfing their remaining forces in an unstoppable swarm of exponential annihilation.



Prime Undefineness: a completely featureless existence/phenomenon of the primest origin, source of the truly limitless Absorbing Replication, Planeswalking and Singularity that are Lawrence’s core natural abilities. The unqualifiable/unquantifiable "stuff" that his "true self" is made of.

Selforge Essence: slivers of the sentient Prime Undefiness that is Lawrence, separated and usually bonded to external phenomena. They allow the autonomous channeling his primary abilities for almost limitless utilitarian applications, via their mental self-programming into omni-purpose Selforge Technology.

Selforge Technology: the mental programs integrated within specific slivers of Selforge Essence, which allow them to independently perform a huge diversity of functionalities on a subconscious level. Selforge Technology operates via a combination of absorption, teleportation, generation and transmutation.

Avatars: Lawrence’s material bodies. His limitless mental capabilities and self-mastery allow him to simultaneously exist through any number of them in any number of places, and live many lives at the same time. Primarily divided between adventuring avatars and those within Selforge boundaries. Made of a unique artificial material called Selforge Materium.

Selforge Materium: the indestructible material Lawrence’s avatars are made of. Entirely and permanently bonded with a Selforge Essence hosting a fraction of Lawrence’s consciousness, it exists in a state of constantly flux, endlessly shifting its numerous attributes as it adapts on the fly to his every thought.

Memorization: the imperceptible scanning process through which Lawrence collects empirical data on environmental phenomena. It is both instantaneous and perfectly exhaustive, including all of the phenomena’s finest retroactive details, on every single level and back to their earliest beginnings.

Templates: perfect blueprints of memorized phenomena. There are the informational foundation of Lawrence’s replicating and engineering capabilities, breaking down available templates into smaller ones and mentally recombining them into different and more advanced ones, multiplying the possibilities.

Materialization: the process through which Lawrence brings available templates into physical existence. Previously absorbed resources are generated via Selforge Essence and transmuted into a perfect copy of one or several chosen templates, be they living of non-living, natural or supernatural.

Resource: the universal resource unit used for the materialization of available templates. Any phenomena absorbed via Selforge Essence is converted into a proportional amount of resource, which is in turn consumed in the same proportion during the generation of any template-based constructs.


Outer Planes: the all-encompassing endless numbers of realities existing outside Selforge boundaries and composing the larger Omniverse. Lawrence’s favorite adventuring playground, primary source of his technical knowledge, secondary abilities, resources and the native planes of immigrating citizens.

Selforge: Lawrence’s home plane, personally crafted from his vast knowledge and resources. Composed of Selforge City (planar hub), Selforge Domains (annexes), Inner Planes (adventuring territories), Legacy Heaven (home to Lawrence’s expanded lineage) and Soul Haven (his secret personal realm).

Selforge City: Transcendent urban paradise and the primary residence of Selforge Citizens. Highly cosmopolitan and hedonistic society with an extremely privileged population. Completely egalitarian social structure, telempathy-based democracy with real-time adaptation based on collective wishes.

Selforge Citizens: Inhabitants of Selforge City. Composed of immigrating citizens who moved in from their native outer plane on Lawrence’s invitation, and native citizens later born from their unions. Complete immortals with adaptive power set and telempathic bond via their Selforge Soul Essence.

Selforge Domains: individual extension of Selforge City. Public domains serve as vacation resorts, wide play areas and experimental grounds. Private ones (one per citizen) serve as secret garden, solo alternative to the Inner planes with empire-building options, and quality times with Lawrence.

Inner Planes: Network of artificial realities expanding with Selforge City’s population, offering citizens the opportunity for thrilling adventures and meaningful self-actualization in permanent worlds with unwavering objective rules, each following its own independent path with only marginal updates.

Goumet Plane: one of the Inner Planes dedicated to the gastronomical supplying of Selforge City. Provides citizens with an immense diversity of daily-renewed delicious dishes for their main meals and ingredients for homemade delicacies in exchange for everlasting protection and prosperity.

Legacy Heaven: independent planar system based on the combination of Selforge City and the Inner Planes, created for the sake of Lawrence’s expanded lineage. It welcomes children conceived with Selforge citizens or partners from the outer planes when they aren’t fully prepared for motherhood.

Legacy Residents: inhabitants of the Legacy Heaven. Born in individual Bubble Worlds and raised by Lawrence and the Sister Sisters into early adulthood, before the merging of their Bubble Worlds into Nexus Worlds, expanding and evolving with residents under the influence of the Selforge Providence.

Silver Sisters: all-female descendants from Lawrence and Seira Selforge, working as service providers in Selforge City and as undercover support roles within the Inner Planes. Naturally conceived in their own colective Selforge Domain for humanization, permanent access to the Metaradise as reward.


Genesis Well: the primary resource provider for all constructions and transmutations. A nigh-infinite multiverse locked in its primeval stage, encapsulated in a small force-field-like sphere infused with a Selforge Technology dedicated to automatic resource processing and redistribution wherever needed.

PIM Technology: aka Perfect Infinite Miniaturization, it allows the perfect resizing of any phenomena to virtually any scale, via absorption and re-materialization for a fraction of its original resource cost. Primarily used for nigh-infinite cost reduction within Selforge territory with no subjective difference.

Possibility Matrix: psycho-virtual multiverse existing within Lawrence’s mind, exploring the creative potential of the data he accumulated. Transition from the Matrix into real-space via materialization and from real-space to Matrix via absorption. Origin of the Inner Planes, afterlife of their inhabitants.

Transcendence Matrix: specialized variation of the Possibility Matrix, dedicated to the reengineered possibilities of the myriad abilities Lawrence collected during his travels. Primarily used to empower Selforge citizens on demand with the tailor-made abilities of their choice within predefined limitations.

Metaradise: crown jewel of the Possibility Matrix, it is the boundless metaphysical realm of limitless power where time is subjective and desires are reality. Accessed by all Selforge citizens and Legacy resident during their daily resting period, permanent networked semi-immersion for Silver Sisters.

Selforge Soul Essence: soul-centered Selforge Technology at the foundation of Lawrence’s utopia. Based on psycho-symbiotic self-engineering, the process integrates their soul into a pre-programmed emptied out sliver of his own, blessing them with his transcendence. Passed down to all descendants.

Selforge Providence: Global Selforge Technology passively ruling the Legacy Heaven and Lawrence’s Soul Haven. Automatically collects all data, calculates a range of highly fulfilling paths and randomly implements one of them, weaving an optimal long-term balance of happiness and unpredictability.

Soul Haven: cradle and resting place of Lawrence’s humanity, functionally standing on the crossroad between Inner Planes and the MetaradiseRuled by its own benevolent Selforge Providence centered on his childlike dreams and carefree happiness, entrusted with the fate of his non-powered avatars.

Selforge Soldiers: Lawrence’s elite military forces, powered and operated by an artificial variation of the Selforge Soul Essence called Selforge Military Essence, imprinted with a semi-sentient program in place of soul. Indestructible and nigh-unstoppable, the guardian angels of his extraplanar children.

Past Records

Disclaimer : This section of the sheet is a bit outdated, but may be entertaining to read nonetheless. Enjoy ^ ^

The Beginning

Lawrence’s first planar jump led him to the Milky Way of an alternate universe, heavily populated and brimming with vitality. Many different and powerful species, including a gigantic human empire, appeared to be constantly fighting one another and even themselves over a variety of reasons: conquest, domination, survival, fanaticism, viciousness or just for the hell of it.

He was amazed by their strength, determination, the very impressive and creative means at their disposal, and the sheer resilience that allowed them to keep up with this overly destructive lifestyle.

Without any doubt, this plane had quite a lot to offer.

First things first, he started by syphoning the mass of dying stars and the collapsing space-time of black holes, gathering the resources he would later need in his various endeavors.

Eventually, his attention was attracted by a strange cosmic phenomenon, a luminescent tear in the fabric of space-time, strangely shaped in some kind of ominous-looking eye of gigantic proportion.

Sensing some uncanny change in the nature of space-time as he drew closer to the anomaly, he decided to take a look on the other side, eagers to uncover the fascinating wonders awaiting him.

Was he found was certainly fascinating… but not exactly wonderful.

Beyond the Veil

On the other side, he discovered a boundless psychic realm of unimaginable horror, overflowing with the darkest emotions pushed to their utmost extreme, crawling with myriads of nightmarish life forms, and constantly mutated by the tainted psychic energies making up the entire plane.

He remembered a legend about a spiritual place where the souls of unrepentant evil doers were supposed to be tormented for all eternity, and thought that if it exists it must be very comfortable compared to this one, where only the mightiest of souls could hope to survive more than a minute.

Safe from the plane’s ravaging influence thanks to his ever-adaptive nature, he pondered about the ramifications of its existence. If this realm had any influence at all on its material counterpart, then the constant violence plaguing it seemed inevitable, unless this very violence was the source of such corruption in the first place. There may be some truth to both versions, and some use in knowing it.

This ethereal energy was extremely potent and literally bursting with possibilities, able to twist and reshape its environment, but its extremely corrupt nature made it radically unfit to the constructive applications he had in mind. Still, the exotic material was just too promising to give up so easily.

Remembering his reflections on the nature of the plane, he considered that if its psycho-reactive energies were not inherently negative, then it may be possible to restore their original purely, which would allow him to use their very powerful and flexible properties for his own purposes.

Engineer of Change

Returning to the material universe, he tried an experiment. Using his replicative ability to recreate a concentrated chunk of the energy, he then used his absorbing ability to drain the negative emotions it was brimming with. The experiment proved a success along with his theories, the tainted psycho-reactive energy entirely purified by the emotional absorption, resulting in a completely neutral energy than would only react to the immediate mental activity of the souls in close proximity.

He then memorized the purified template, certain that it would prove a valuable addition to his future endeavours. Quite satisfied with his new acquisition and the considerable resources collected, he decided to do the inhabitants of this galaxy a favor in return. Jumping into the psychic dimension once more, he merged with it and unleashed his might, spreading his presence at incredible speed and converting the corrupted psychic energy into its purified counterpart.

The untold daemonic legions and their dark sovereigns raged and wailed, but were incapable to contain the purifying wave as it irresistibly purged and claimed everything on its path, and nowhere to run or hide as it engulfed the entire psychic dimension, annihilating them entirely in a swift cosmic blow since the tainted psychic energy was the only thing supporting their existence.

Returning to the physical dimension once more, he noted with satisfaction that the hostilities between the different factions had decreased considerably, and while there was still many conflicts in many places for many reasons, there was longer this corrupting veil of insanity ushering them to unnecessary battles and maddened heights of violence.

Supreme Lifeform

As he prepared to leave, he noticed for the first time suspicious tendril-looking forms gnawing at the edges of the galaxy, so absurdly huge that they first looked integrated to the galactic landscape. Ever so curious of unusual phenomena, he approach the strange structures in hope something similarly interesting, and was not disappointed.

They turned out to be organic in nature, the prying edges of an impossibly vast super-organism made of the coalesced mass of small engineered organisms, numerous beyond any calculation and all united into a single will, a single mind as immeasurable powerful as the numbers composing it, yet exclusively moved by a primal urge to grow, evolve and multiply. Lawrence felt an unexpectedly strong empathy for the super-organism, as he essentially functioned under a similar pattern himself, but the existence of such an overwhelmingly successful species entirely made of engineered biomass had extremely disturbing implications, namely the complete eradication and consumption of every single species ever encountered to fuel their development.

He wasn't exactly a philanthropist, but leaving alone a species than essentially ran on galactic extermination was definitely crossing the line. Besides, it would have made his relatively successful effort to stabilize the situation of the local species completely meaningless.

Hive-minded telepathy was no doubt an extremely valuable asset regarding logistic and tactical matters, and probably indispensable to manage such astonomical multitude, but it wasn't without its own flaws. As it stands, its greatest strength turned out to also be its greatest weakness.

A Brighter Tomorrow

Stealthily approaching the super-organism further, he noticed that some of its lesser components had a much stronger psychic presence than most others, apparently serving a telepathic relay, and merged with the closest of them. His theory confirmed, he extended his own assimilating presence through the psychic network like he did in the Warp, gradually claiming the super-organism nervous system at exponential speed, before using the conquered progenitor caste as conduit to take control of its innumerable lesser components, until the immeasurable composite entity (which actually spanned far beyond the Milky Way) was little more than an unwitting cosmic puppet at the end of imperceptible strings.

The galactic predator now under control, he used the extensive mastery of genetic engineering and psychic logistic acquired during the experience to rewrite the Hive Mind’s primal drives. Considering its sheer size, there was no need for any additional biomass to ensure its lasting survival, while new genetic templates remained essential to environmental adaptation, as he could personally attest.

From then on, the Hive Mind would only seek genetic diversity, sending its best infiltrators alone to stealthily collect samples of the most interesting materials for analysis and integration in the Hive’s gene pool, before moving on to the next world unnoticed, and simply backing away when the targets prove to well-defended to be secured without considerable damage on both sides.

Having pacified the two greatest powerhouses of the galaxy, he then took his time exploring its immensity and various inhabited worlds, carefully collecting an impressive diversity of technologies, templates and capabilities along the way. He eventually used this wealth of knowledge and the harvested stellar resources to forge his own ideal domain at safe distance from the warmonging factions, psychically whispering the promise of a better life to their more rational members (notably unfortunate civilian populations caught in the crossfires) through the stabilized Immaterium, and welcoming them as the first denizens of his handmade utopia.