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    September 17, 2016 by DeathReaperX

    Name: Xena

    Gender: Female

    Race: Cambion

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Personality: Selfish, serious, relentless, sadistic, takes pleasure in giving cruel punishments to her opponents for information, doesn't toy with opponents and will do anything to accomplish her plan even if means hurting her own family, friends or comrades.

    History: TBD

    Powers: Cambion Physiology, Absolute Immortality, Damage Empowerment, Combat Empowerment, Pain Suppression, Teleportation, Dark Aura Manipulation, Martial Arts Intuition

    Goals: To seek out the most powerful source in the universe and use it to recreate the universe itself in her own image.

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    December 20, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    Origin: Created by Dragonic Knight on Hollow Earth. 

    Species: Humanoid phoenix

    Personality: Ioni is a sadistic, disrespectful, and dominating creature, only caring about power and acquiring more. She would conquer planets just so she could use them to find ancient artifacts, caring little about the harm she would do to them during her tyranny. She's sometimes impulsive, as when she tried to strike her creator The Dragonic Knight without hesitation.

    Background: Ioni protected Hollow Earth for years until she stumbled upon an old mysterious book. In it included passages about the dark arts. She would then use this book to teach herself dark arts. The book also provided information on how to control the universe, but first she would need to scour …

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    Their origin is unknown. According to legend, they were made to bring destruction to the entire galaxy. The Birdmen destroyed many cities of different planets, overtime. They enjoy destruction but they also have a goal. That goal is to find Ioni (humanoid phoenix woman), worship her and carry out her will. They found Hollow Earth sometime after Argost's defeat and wanted to destroy it for fun. Thrash sensed their presence and confronted them. He simply overpowered them with his own will and forced them into doing his bidding. Thrash and Lilith made a deal with these Birdmen. If they can make everyone on Hollow Earth submit to them by any means necesary they will revive Ioni in return. 

    Geo (Owl)

    • Cosmic-Earth Manipulation
    • Avian Physiology


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    Dragon Master Knight

    December 20, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    Dragonic Knight was the original ruler of Hollow Earth years before Dragonov and Argost were even thought of. After his death, all of the kingdoms formed Hollow Federation and came up with the tradition of the Dark Crusaders: 5 different species chosen as a team and represent unity between the species. There has been a legend saying that he appears when the Dark Crusaders combine into one he would appear once more. An example would the current Dark Crusaders forming Dragonic Knight, but only to save the world and defeat Argost. He often prefers to his sword in battle more than anything else.

    White Arts

    Enhanced Swordsmanship

    Magical Energy Manipulation

    Dragonborn Physiology

    Elemental Manipulation

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    Return of the Demon King

    December 20, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    Note: This story features Argost & Lilith and Dark Crusaders

        In the Reaper’s graveyard, there were 5 heroes, who were fighting a witch. This witch isn’t an ordinary witch, she’s a demon witch! The demon witch is known as Lilith. Lilith’s origins are unknown but it’s been rumored that she was a creation of the Demon King Argost before he was killed. Lilith is battling the 5 heroes known as Dagger, Ninjato, Neco, Laentina, and Fang. Dagger is the last dragon and descendant of the Great Dragon King (Dragonov), Ninjato is the Egyptian prince, Neco is a student of Mage’s Death Necromancy, Laentina is princess of the vampires, and Fang is the strongest of all werewolves. The team represents unity of all the species on Hollow Earth. The heroes…

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