Origin: Created by Dragonic Knight on Hollow Earth. 

Species: Humanoid phoenix

Personality: Ioni is a sadistic, disrespectful, and dominating creature, only caring about power and acquiring more. She would conquer planets just so she could use them to find ancient artifacts, caring little about the harm she would do to them during her tyranny. She's sometimes impulsive, as when she tried to strike her creator The Dragonic Knight without hesitation.

Background: Ioni protected Hollow Earth for years until she stumbled upon an old mysterious book. In it included passages about the dark arts. She would then use this book to teach herself dark arts. The book also provided information on how to control the universe, but first she would need to scour the universe for the sacred artifacts to acquire this power. During her journey she would conquer and destroy planets just to fufil her own selfish goal to find the artifacts. Later on, the past generation's Dark Crusaders fused into her creator, The Dragonic Knight, and defeated her with The Dragon Knight's powers

Goals: Wants to rule the universe with the ultimate the power the book described to her (Complete Arsenal) 

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Powers: Phoenix Physiology, Cosmic Fire Manipulation and Dark Arts

Limits/Weaknesses: Water or ice (only if the coldness outweighs her heat), can be manipulated by someone who controls fire, and she can only control plasma from existing sources.

Note: Credit goes to Elementfirecross for Ioni's improved personality and background.

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