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    December 20, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    Origin: Dagger was born in Dracconia, the dragon kingdom of Hollow Earth. 

    Classification: Humanoid dragon also known as dragonman.

    Background: Dagger and his friends were chosen as the next Dark Crusaders because they represented unity between different species, which fits the very purpose of the Dark Crusaders. They were assigned a task by Thrash to capture Lilith, since she escaped from prison. Another part of the task was to make sure Lilith didn't take the Demonicalibur from Reaper's Graveyard. He and his friends failed the task, which created even bigger problems when Lilith revived Argost from the Demonicalibur. They later confronted and defeated Argost and Lilith by fusing into the Dragon Master Knight and using his powers.


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    December 20, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    Origin: Born in Hollow Sanctuary.

    Classification: Demon witch

    Background: Lilith was created by Argost in order to help him defeat the Dragon King Dragonov and his army. She abandoned her master and went to prison so that she could survive (live to fight another day). Before she went to prison her and Thrash plotted together. Part of their plan was making her clone go to prison for her so that they could prepare for their plan. Lilith hid in the shadows as she watch her clone cause havoc around the world as it released Argost from the Demonicalibur. She watched the defeat of her master by the Dark Crusaders (Dragon Master Knight) and was satisfied as shown when she meant Thrash in a dark alley.

    Personality: Lilith is very secretive as the story …

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    Cyber Drone 750

    August 20, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    ==Powers ==

    ·         Power Replication (can copy powers with sight),

    ·         Replication (can create clones of himself and his clones can also replicate powers the same way he can),

    ·         Ability Intuition (only for the powers he copied)

    ·         Bionic Physiology

    Sid Malcom was US military soldier who legs and arms was chopped off during war. He came back home hoping that he would see his family safe. However his family was murdered. He cried for days, not being able to live with himself as a broken man with no family. His close friend, Griffin Jones, had recommend that Sid can qualify at the Cybernetic Program, where man becomes machine. Sid would first go against it but then realize he has no place in world as the man he was, so he qualif…

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    August 19, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    • Egyptian Deity Physiology (power of all the Egyptian Gods except omniscience)
    • Shapeshifting (can shapeshift into anything as long as it represents an Egyptian Gods)
    • Power Negation
    • Power Immunity

    Atmos was born as an egyptian man with a family. He served the Pharaoh well, and lived happily with his wife and 2 kids. What he didn't know was that the Pharaoh planned to kill him after he found out that Atmos' wife was his long lost crush, who ran away from home when they were teens. The Pharaoh saw their relationship as an abomination, seeing as Atmos took his only true love away from him. The Pharaoh one night invited Atmos for a walk, while the Pharaoh's servants would go kill his kids, and take his wife. When Atmos and the Pharaoh went back to A…

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    August 19, 2015 by DeathReaperX

    • Superpower Manipulation
    • Space-Time Manipulation
    • Vaewolf Physiology
    • Elemental Manipulation
    • Magical Energy Manipulation
    • Invulnerability
    • Immunity against Werewolf and Vampire weaknesses (sun, silver bullets, etc.)

    Midnight is a vaewolf created by evil scientists. He was born from a human that was mutated by an unknown alien-like substance that contained wolf and bat DNA. The evil scientists wanted to make him more powerful than their other superpowered test objects who would help them gain world domination, so they gave him a mutated nuclear substance which would give him intelligence beyond a normal human and the powers they couldn't comprehend. With his intelligence and newfound power, Midnight had only one goal "power and destruction." In order t…

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