• Death horseman94

    Name: Moriba

    Aliases: Shadow of the forest, Evil light

    Alignment: Evil

    Powers: Magic, Element Manipulation, Dark Fire Manipulation, Resurrection Cancellation

    Abilities: Supernatural Condition, Invulnerability, Teleportation, Enhanced Combat

    Personal Objectives: To remain a feared mythical creature throughout the world and seize control of every remote location on the planet. 

    Personality: Moriba is a self serving being, chasing his own wishes as he wanders around. He is also a nihilist, destroying everything he deems unworthy or of no value to him. He has a certain level of respect for other mythical creatures though, as long as they are passive or otherwise not a threat in any way. Even though he is capable of destroying entire villages easily he wo…

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  • Death horseman94

    Name: Lillian

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Age: 14-15 

    Personality: Friendly but generally keeps to herself, she is skilled in her work. 

    Powers: Mechanical Intuition, Age Shifting, Oxygen Manipulation, Technopathy, Technological Combat

    Role: Technology maintenance, Oxygen/Atmosphere Manager and drone operator. Minor and optional role includes examining samples of non living materials collected from planets.

    Basic Info: A young person who can manipulate her age to remain immortal. She has a lot of knowledge on technology. Her role on the spacecraft is to ensure the technology is working up to scratch. She has the ability to control the atmosphere so if there was a shortage of oxygen she can generate more. 

    Equipment: As well as being able to manipulate m…

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  • Death horseman94

    Character Sheet 2

    November 23, 2014 by Death horseman94

    Name: Ayaki

    Species: Angel

    Powers: Meta Luck, Absolute Will, Singularity,  Divine Magic

    Abilities: Enhanced Beauty, Enhanced Condition

    Occupations: Destroying her enemies, maintaining peace

    Alignment: Good

    Personality:  For most of the time Ayaki is calm and friendly, almost embodying goodness itself. When someone gets on the wrong side of her she can be their worst fears. Most enemies try and avoid her.

    Appearence: An extremely beautiful angel that captivates anyone who looks at her. Being both the dream of boys and the envy of girls.

    Fighting Style: Magic attacks that consist of superheated energy. Her absolute will can manipulate anything she desires, which is usually the enemy themselves. She is many times more lucky than anyone else which means…

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  • Death horseman94

    Character Sheet

    October 3, 2014 by Death horseman94

    Name: Maelstrom

    Powers: Ocean Lordship, Water Manipulation, Ocean Domain, Sea Omnipresence, Sealife Manipulation, Semi-Immortality.

    Physical Form: Intangible due to his water form. He is not invulnerable, meaning he could possibly be killed, but he does not age.

    Occupations: Protector and ruler of earths oceans.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good.

    Personality: Maelstrom is the god of the sea. He is a good god, who uses his control over the ocean to rule most of the planet. He is a responsible being and plays a role in protecting the earth. Despite his goodness, he is known to have a chaotic side, sending sea monsters to attack ocean liners which dump rubbish into his waters. He is allies with The Nature God aka Mother Nature (most powerful god on earth).


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  • Death horseman94

    Ok you see a lot of these blog posts appearing asking about what powers you would have in real life or whatever. They always say things like no omnipotent or transcendent powers. Well this blog is different.

    Pick any amount of powers then explain what you would do with them. Omnipotence is allowed AS LONG as you explain what you would do with it.

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