Name: Moriba

Aliases: Shadow of the forest, Evil light

Alignment: Evil

Powers: Magic, Element Manipulation, Dark Fire ManipulationResurrection Cancellation

Abilities: Supernatural Condition, Invulnerability, TeleportationEnhanced Combat

Personal Objectives: To remain a feared mythical creature throughout the world and seize control of every remote location on the planet. 

Personality: Moriba is a self serving being, chasing his own wishes as he wanders around. He is also a nihilist, destroying everything he deems unworthy or of no value to him. He has a certain level of respect for other mythical creatures though, as long as they are passive or otherwise not a threat in any way. Even though he is capable of destroying entire villages easily he would rather keep his existence questionable or unknown to local populations.

Fighting Style: When fighting, he is virtually invulnerable. No weapon can inflict the slightest injury on him. Even another magic user has barely any effect on him. As for attacking, his horn makes quick work of enemies in close range, and targets out of melee range are blasted with lightning. When faced with a group of attackers or some obstruction like a building or barricade then Moriba will use his power of dark fire to destroy it.

General: Moriba is a wandering creature, he never stays in one place for long and can be wherever he wants. He also possesses magic with virtually limitless potential. He is rumored to be unstoppable and can live for thousands of years. When a target is killed, they cannot be resurrected. Although he has unlimited potential magic, he only performs an action if he knows what he is doing, which is a personal limit, not an actual one. Anything conceptual is therefore impossible to manipulate due to lack of knowledge over the subject.


Name: Acorna

Aliases: Aspect of Heaven, Divine Light

Alignment: Neutral-Good

Powers: Magic, Divine Energy Manipulation, Light Element Manipulation

Abilities: Supernatural Condition, Invulnerability, Teleportation

Personal Objectives: None at present

Personality: Divine and angel like, but tends to choose between his own rules to his benefit. He spends most of his time making touches to his current environment.

Fighting Style: Divine energy blasts are a favorite: Instantly destroying everything that he chooses to be affected.

General: Acorna was formed at the same time as Moriba, only Acorna did not choose to absorb the powers of those he killed in combat. He has the same limitless magic as Moriba and sticks to using it for personal use too.

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