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Height: 174cm (5’9”)
Weight: 66kg (146Ibs)
Urami looks like a woman in her prime with olive skin, thin dark green eyebrows, a line of piercings on her left ear, an average-sized bust, short dark green hair that is spiked upwards, sharp facial features and a lean muscular build. However her most distinguishing feature is her strangely coloured eyes; her sclera are black and both her irides and pupils are green. Urami also has a large grotesque scar that runs diagonally along her back, another on her right forearm, one on her left thigh and right shoulder and a very badly burned right hand. She has the insignia of her nation tattooed on the back of her left hand.
Urami is usually seen wearing the regular military uniform of her nation which she finishes by wearing the dark coloured Head General's trench coat over it. She also covers her hands with black skin-tight leather gloves and her face with a black featureless face mask that exposes only her strange-coloured eyes.


Urami is a serious, no-nonsense type of woman; she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She is extremely cruel and, with the vengeful attitude she possesses, it is unwise to cross her as she is not above killing in cold blood or using underhanded tactics as long as it leaves her on the victorious side. Her sadism is frightening and she gains much pleasure from inflicting mental and physical pain on her victims; her normal seriousness changes to playfulness when she is hurting, torturing or in the process of killing her victims. As one who has experienced a lot, Urami is quite perceptive and can read a person’s demeanour from their body language alone. In addition, due in part to the mask she wears, it is very difficult to properly read her emotions even from her body language. She holds very long grudges.

Brief Bio

Urami is naturally left-handed but has trained to the point where she is now ambidextrous, her favourite food is rabbit (because it reminds her of the harshness of the wilderness). She rarely removes her mask and is extremely paranoid when it comes to the knowledge of her facial appearance and her true age; to that end she is a light sleeper and she will not eat or drink in the same vicinity as another person. Due to her harsh past, Urami harbours a very deep hatred towards her kind and despises everything to do with them, including her deceased family and even her own powers.