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Hello users of the wiki! Wave_emoticon.gif

Well... I am in an utter state of shock... just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I see that one of the most controversial users has somehow taken the control of the reins and become the wiki's new bureaucrat... it's been poking at my mind for the past couple years but now I know for certain: the Superpower Wiki has really gone to s***. Disagreeemoticon.gif

Of all the people who could have been chosen to take over running the wiki, why has SageM been chosen ?! Did they just overlook the utter chaos and destruction the guy left in his wake for the past several years ??? Confuse.gif The sheer number of users this will inevitably cause issues with is huge, and something like that can't be brushed under the carpet !
Now, I can't attest to being the most popular user on this wiki (in certain circles anyway), but I certainly don't have as many bad reviews as SageM. The guy is notorious for his trigger happy edit reversions, his refusal to budge on any type of issue regarding any page he's made and his general "there-is-no-way-I-could-be-wrong" attitude. How such qualities could be considered suitable for the person chosen to run one of the largest wikias on Fandom is beyond me... Facepalm.gif Facepalm.gif

I can only assume that certain caustic presences on the wiki had a role to play in this (they know who they are)... it's saddening to see really, this wiki still has so much potential, but bad mods and even worse administrative decisions have marred this once great place...