Dread dog Dread dog 3 January 2015

Character Sheet 1

Name: Norem Da'ar

Alias: Star Shade


  • ​Celestial space Manipulation Star Shades costume allows him to manipulate celestial forces.
  • Power Suit  Star Shades abilities are deriven from his costume
  • Infinity Supply Star Shades cape is linked to another dimention allowing him to summon metter and energy from it.
  • Cape Manipulation Star Shade can manipulate his cape to acomplish various effects.
  • Dimentional Link the sorce of Star Shades powers
  • Oxygen Independence While in his suit Star Shade does not need oxygen
  • Intangibility Star Shade can become intangible at will
  • Interstellar Travel Star Shade can fly across interstellar distenses
    • ​Supernatural Condition Whle wearing his Power Suit his physical and mental abilities are augmented to supernatural levels…
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