This is my classification levels of psionics up to almighty mind and how powerful user are and what their capable of and limitations that each level has from the start. In my opinion of how each power is demonstrated.

Levels of Psionics

  • Level 1 - Psionics: User can use an group of mental/psychic powers.
  • Level 2 - Omni-Psionics: User can use all mental/psionic/psychic powers.
  • Level 3 - Psycho Warping: User can use their psychic powers to warp reality.
  • Level 4 - Absolute Psionic Power: User can wield and possess absolute psionic power.
  • Level 5 - Psychopotence: User can control ultimate psychic power with one's own mind.
  • Level 6- Almighty Mind: User possesses psychic powers on a almighty/omnipotent level.

Level 1:Psionics

User possess and wield a group of mental/psychic powers. Commonly the more popular powers such as telekinesis and telepathy are shown with some uncommon abilities user rarely/never use or notice.

  • User wields most basic yet powerful powers that counter most beings.
  • User may use their psionic powers to augment their body/mind/soul.
  • User may be limited with their arsenal of psionic abilities.

Level 2:Omni-Psionics

User has an advanced version of psionics, user has every single psionic/psychic/mental power that exist including rare to most rare. Their power are measurable to most psionic beings and sometimes the powerful ones.

  • User wields complete arsenal of psychic powers to their control.
  • User sometimes need training and knowledge of wjat they have and to control.
  • User appears as an cosmic guardian with near unlimited potential.

Level 3:Psycho Warping

User has so many psychic powers that they can control the fabric of reality with such influence. Commonly as a psychic version of reality warping with their powers pushed to a high degree.

  • User has a high psychic power that can influence reality and its associates.
  • User beginner powers are at a reality warpish level.
  • User are limited by their control and mastery.

Level 4:Absolute Psionic Power

User has so much psychic potential that their power is pushed in such a high level they appear nigh omnipotent to if not all beings in all of existence. Users power is simply psionic and achieved by intense training and sometimes use a outside force to fuel them. Allowing them to control reality with ease and dexterity.

  • User has and wields nigh omnipotent psionic power.
  • User controls reality with psychic influence alone.
  • User appears to be the embodiment of psychic perfection.

Level 5:Psychopotence

User possesses unlimited power with their mind alone. User are shown as a master level reality warping and thier power is augmented by ethereal forces and material. The upside is their power comes directly from their mind alone and nothing else. Blasting them to a high omnipotent level being.

  • User has high nigh omnipotent power with their mind.
  • User is limited by their knowledge and control over the ultimate power.
  • commonly shown as lesser version of almighty mind.

Level 6:Almighty Mind

User has psychic powers on a omnipotent scale. Also known as a psychic version of omnipotence, alowing the user to control, rule, know everything assist only by their mind.

  • User is practically omnipotent.
  • User train's or already omnipotent from the start.
  • Users only has psychic powers on a almighty scale.

And yeah thats my personal classification of psionic and psychic related.

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