For a while now I've been making quite a number of edits to sort and organise various pages on this wiki. To chart my progress, and the progress of anyone else who does those kinds of edits, I'm going to be recording each one I find and do onto this blog.

I'll mostly be focusing on organising the users and images, the ones in most dire need of organisation, however the other parts of each page, like Variations and Limitations, should be alphabetised as well. Your comments on any improvements I could make or additions to the list are appreciated.

Organising Conventions

Here is a bullet list of the conventions I apply when sorting known users and images.

  • Mediums go in this order from top to bottom: Cartoons, Comics, Films, Folklore/Mythology, Gamebooks ,Literature, Live Action TV, Manga/Anime, Manhwa, Music, Podcasts, Radio, RPG (Role-Playing Games), Tabletop Games, TCG (Trading Card Games), Theatre, Video Games, Web Animation, Web Series, Webcomics, Other.
    • There are a few pages on this site with slightly different labelling, e.g. Western Animation instead of Cartoons, Web-shows instead of Web Series etc, that will need to be changed at some point.
    • If there are very few users, i.e. not enough for a scroll box to be necessary, then they could just be alphabetised as they are without sorting them into mediums.
  • When alphabetising the series the user or image comes from they are alphabetised ignoring any indefinite articles i.e. "A", "An" or "The". For example Akame ga Kill would be listed above A Certain Magical Index because the "A" in the later series would be ignored and would be counted as beginning with C.
  • Names are alphabetised as in real life, surname then first name. However if the user is better known by a code name or uses one a lot, e.g. many comic book characters, then that is used in the sorting instead without the surname convention. For example Tony Stark/Iron Man would be listed under "I".
  • If the user is in multiple mediums, e.g. certain characters from The Vampire Diaries could go under Literature or Live Action TV, then the oldest medium they appeared in is the one they're sorted into.
    • That is unless the power they are being used as an example for is exclusive to one of the mediums, in which case they are assigned to that one.

Pages Sorted and Alphabetised

Notable Pages

Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Magic, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Intangibility, Hybrid Physiology, High-Tech Exoskeleton, Possession, Enhanced Agility, Healing

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