• EvilMegaCookie

    Name: Mu

    Imperator: Haven't figured this one out yet.

    Age: N/A

    Estate: Nothing

    Aspect: 3

    Domain: 2

    Persona: 3

    MP: 4 (I think that works?)

    Treasure: 0 (From what I understand this is basically your companion or item that is dear to you)



    (1) I find it difficult to adjust to reality and its laws.

    (2) I am swayed by others, but not forced by others.

    (1) I get easily hooked onto something.


    (3) Unless I allow it, nothing can interact with me.

    (2) I fly into a rage when I see pointless cruelty, not paying heed to the consequences.


    (3) Nothing cannot create, only undo.

    (2) Nothing is the absence of anything.

    (1) Nothing is a paradox.

    (1) Nothing is the beginning and the end.

    Background: Has apparently existed for a long time, but was a…

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  • EvilMegaCookie

    Name: Reinhard Heydrich

    Age: 35

    Shadow Name: Mephistopheles

    Virtue: Fortitude

    Vice: Lust


    Path: Thyrsus (What he fits into rather than him actually being on it)

    Order: N/A


    Merit: Proximus

    Concept: Soldier

    Arcanum: N/A

    Rank: N/A


    Motto: "Memento mori."

    Quotes: "Man must hunger and lust and crave for as long as his heart beats in his chest. No matter where life takes him, no matter what nourishment fate offers him, his thirst fades not. And yet, that is how it should be. If there existed any being who failed to share in this sentiment… all that would await him is ruination."

    "Strip him of his status, and a man becomes no different from any other of his fellow humans. That is about all there is to it — no, that is indeed…

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  • EvilMegaCookie

    Alysha Markwardt

    February 28, 2016 by EvilMegaCookie

    Name: Alysha Markwaldt

    Age: 24

    Shadow Name: Kali

    Virtue: Fortitude

    Vice: Lust

    Derangement: None

    Path: Obrimos

    Order: Adamantine Arrow

    Legacy: Perfected Adept

    Concept: Martial Artist

    Rank: Adept

    Attainment(s): Body Temple.

    Motto:  "

    Quotes: " " Archetypes: Bare Fisted Monk Blood Knight


    Alysha was, just like most, born in a working-class family. Her parents weren't of any note, but she herself was. She almost always had this restless disposition, always needing to move or just do something. She started to train her body from an early age and stuck to it until her her parents introduced her to martial arts. She took to it with a fervor seldom seen, now honing her combat skills as well.

    It was also there where she would discover her fondness for c…

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  • EvilMegaCookie

    The King

    October 29, 2015 by EvilMegaCookie

    It is rather amusing. I could have ended this a long time ago. Yet whenever I look upon your face, your soul, I cannot help but give you a new chance. A new beginning. To see if you can reach the top this time. To see if you can be my equal. I suppose if we were to speak of the adages of old, I would be Goliath, you... as David. Now then, David, how about I give you one more chance? As I always have.

    In the same sense that you never give up, I too am a stubborn person. How do you think I am able to wait for you at the end of this long, long road? As if I were the maiden eternally waiting in the tower for my knight. Do you even realize what a remarkable existence you are? Unlike those whose fates are etched in stone, you are like a river, fl…

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  • EvilMegaCookie

    Aliases: The Snake / Mercurius / Karl Kraft / Hermestus Trismegistus

    Powers Subordination Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Origin Manipulation, Alpha Reality, Unity (within his own multiverse and minus omnipotence) as well as Temporal Reload.

    Abilities: Enhanced Charisma Transcendent Physiology

    Alignment: Blue And Orange Morality


    Theme Song: Dies Irae - Eternal End

    Occupations: Vice-Commander

    Archetypes: The Chessmaster  Bishonen Ascend To A Higher Plane Of Existence The Omniscient The Philosopher

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