Absolute Infinite dimensions  

The ability to embody the infinite scale and scope of Totality. Supreme (absolute) form of 10th Dimensional Physiology; variation of Omni-Embodiment. Ultimate Technique of Gestalt Monotheistic Deity Physiology

Also Called

  • All-as-One-One-as-All
  • Infinity Embodiment
  • Manifold Embodiment
  • Omnidimensional Embodiment
  • Totality Embodiment
  • The Absolute Infinite
  • True Infinity/Absolute Infinity
  • Beyond All Cosmos
  • Panendeism Deity Physiology
  • The True Omni Perfect Absolute God
  • The True Omni-All Perfect Creator
  • Omnificitional Author Autority
  • True Meta/Absolute Infinite Gestalt Monotheistic Deity Physiology
  • Supreme Holy Spirit(Abrahamic Religions/Gnostism) 
  • The Unknowable Perfect God(Gnosticism) 
  • The Supreme Source/Seed/Essense of Entire Complete Existence  


The state of being absolutely everything: every single infinite possibility and probability; every infinite reality, timeline, universe or dimension; and, being the everything within each (i.e. absolutely all at once, no exceptions or limitations, all embodied in a single being). A state and scope of being such a powerful force, rather than a power, it is Totality: the embodiment of everything (un)imaginable, (im)possible, (non-)existent, (un)known, (un)knowable, (in)conceivable, (un)created, (un)discovered, (non-)fictional, (un)perceived, etc. Unlike, Unity, the state of being one with everything; Infinite Dimension Embodiment is everything-in-one: A single, timeless EVERYTHING.


Applications(General/Absolute Level)

Applications(Absolute Infinity Form)

Any power that is needed to accomplish task


  • All Embodiments, Power, Physiology etc... due to this power Nature


  • Have Accces to All Embodiments, Power, Physiology etc... due to this power Nature

Known Users

  • God(Abrahamic Religions)
  • God(Deism/Pandeism/Panendeism)
  • God(Composite Worldwiews/Real Life)
  • The Absolute Infinity Seed/Essense/Spirit of All Existence


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