The power to be a gestalt monotheistic deity. Combination of Anti-God and Monotheistic Deity Physiology. Ultimate form of Composite Deity Physiology, Most powerful version of Transcendent Physiology.Ultimate Absolute Expression of Omni-Creator.

Also Called

  • True Alpha and True Omega
  • Absolute Gestalt Supreme Being Physiology
  • Trinity Deity/God/Goddess Physiology
  • True Monotheistic Deity Physiology
  • True/Absolute Supreme Being Physiology
  • Absolute Supreme Being
  • Absolute Perfect Composite Monotheistic Deity
  • Perfected Complete Monotheistic Deity Physiology 


The user either is or can become a composite supreme being. A combination of both an Anti-God and a Monotheistic Deity Physiology into a singular being. Like the Anti-God and the Supreme Being, the user is truly omnipotent, omnipresent, and also omniscient, but unlike either side, the user is both the alpha and omega of all existence. In essence, the user has three of the aforementioned powers, but according to his/her status, he/she has the powers are related to both creation and destruction.

A gestalt monotheistic deity is born whenever an Anti-God and a Supreme Being had formed peace with each other and decided to fuse into a singular being. Alternatively, even if an Anti-God refuses to make peace with each other, the Supreme Being will manage to defeat him/her and assimilate the anti-god into himself, thus becoming a singular being. Because of those two possible outcomes, a gestalt monotheistic deity is a far more powerful than absolutely any deity imaginable due to the combined traits of an Anti-God and a monotheistic deity.

Applications (General)

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Known Users

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  • God/Yahweh/Allah/Yaldabaoth/Demiurge(Abrahamic Religions/Gnosticism )
  • God( Panendeism,Pandeism,Deism)
  • God(Composite Worldviews/Real Life) 
  • The Absolute Infinite Spirit/Essense/Source 

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