Power to be the Omnipotent destroyer of all Verses. Theoretical example of transfictional Omnipotence.Destructive Variation of Omni-Creator

Also Called

  • Omnipotence Unity
  • Transfictional Omnipotence
  • True Omnipotent Being
  • Absolute Supreme Destroyer 


The one and only user is the destroyer and Omnipotent ruler of all Verses, taking on a specific form and identity in each of them according to their context/characteristics.

The user is thus an omni-dimensional being, existing simultaneously in all Verses as their local Supreme Being, under a wide variety of names, traits and appearances.

This guarantees the sacrosanct unicity of Omnipotence, removing all potential paradoxes, and notably explains how crossovers are possible in the first place, and why local Omnipotents never fight one another.

In this Power the Omni-Creator decides to destroy some of his creation to keep his creation on balance due to much evil are has been spreaded out or the existence became to benolovent that the creation doesn't evolve anymore due their pacififistic attitudes

It depends which side overthrow each other either the good or bad. The Destruction mode of the Omni-Creator would even destroy some of his creation to keep everything to be evolved




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