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The power to be outside of Power System and beyond Omnipotence as well. .

Also Called

  • True Absolute Above-All
  • The True Absolute Power
  • Outside Power System 
  • Real Omnipotence 
  • Omnifictional Author Autority/Omnipotence 
  • Beyond the All-Power
  • Beyond Almighty Power
  • True/Absolute/Meta Alpha/Omega Power
  • Infinite Might/Power
  • Supreme Omni Infinity Power
  • True/Absolute Meta Omnipotence
  • Beyond Omnipotence 
  • Personal Own God 
  • Primordial Omnipotence 
  • Primordial Ultimate Godhood/Power
  • Unlimited Absolute Boundless Power


Omnivastance (from Hindu Language : Omni Vastance : "anything beyond Omnipotence ") is the only almighty true power that is outside of all power system as well as beyond Omnipotence 

Principles of Omnivastance 

Absolutely Everything/Infinite; Omnivastance is the very act of doing absolutely everything independently . It is beyond All Power Systems and creating new kind of concepts, which is beyond All Power Systems.

To give an illustration, omnivastance is the description of everything, including every possible, impossible, beyond notions of infinity.

Omnipotence can do the impossible such as "bigger than Omnipotence ", "making a straight curve ."


Any power including beyond this Fandom Site


Omnifictional (official)


  • Omnivastance User are usually user bored Absolute Omnipotence who just wanted to developed themselves
    • Omnivastance by definition is the absolute independent from all power system
    • If something were to beat omnipotence, then it was never omnipotent to begin with.
  • Omnifictional Omnipotence
    • They is a theory that a Panendeistic God is the Absolute Creator which is beyond Omnipotence as well due being the Gestalt Form of Totality/Existence.
  • In Omnifictional Theories
    • There are Omnifictional Characters, which Trancendent there Respectful authors.
      • Thus beings are often conspired as Omnifictional Authors.


  • Omnivastance can only archievate if all Transfictional beings merge/fuse to one force Omnifictional Being
  • Omnivastance can't be achieved via other powers or otherwise In exception Absolute Omnipotence user who just can get this power


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Known Users

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