Status Active
Alignment Lawful Good
Allegiance Independent
Specialization Mystery Solving
Type Private Investigators
Personal Data
Role Perform investigations that are supposedly unsolvable
Affiliations They work for whoever pays them enough or do free work if needed
Headquarters Unknown
Leader Alister Fulbright

Cassandra Thompson (Former)

Also known as Shadow
Size 100+
Motto If it's lost then we can find it!



After her abusive time with Shirō Dairenji, Cassandra Thompson, retired as a Foo Fighter black Ops member and began a new career as a detective, creating Alias specializing in cold and unsolvable cases. Alias in comprised mostly of Psychics and Jewels with some of the best liaisons and informants in the business.


  • Cassandra Thompson (Founder)
  • Aleister Fulbright (Current Leader)
  • Ellen Chun
  • Matt Mercer
  • Windy Chiffon
  • Yeo Jin Yun
  • Ryan Cooke
  • Yuuhi Kouzaki
  • Unidentified members:
    • A rookie homicide investigator girl with Extrasensory Perception.
    • A girl in nothing but a skimpy bikini that uses two Nodachi who is an "Avian-limited" Telepath.
    • A phantom-like thief girl dressed in a Chameleon-plate full-body skin tight catsuit with Psycho-Pyrokinesis.


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