The Amicus family are a familial group of Warlocks and Jewels who are descended from Saint Agnes. They were charged with apprehending Dark Witches, Fallen Angels and Stray Devils and taking in Little Witches from around the world until they were forced to stop by the original Grand Magic Council, after this they were commissioned to adopt and train talented orphans and people that they take in to use magic and magitech. Once each generation, a daughter of the family inherits the title of Divine Saint.

Those from the main Amicus Family are renowned for their extraordinary magical prowess, ability to use Godly Mana, overwhelming mana reserves.


After Saint Agnes had sealed off the Bête Noire in the Destiny Tower, her family, the Amicus, defended the land, guarding it so that the Beast would not be resurrected. Over the many generations, the family eventually forgot their duty and started taking rape survivors, witches, fallen angels, stray demons, and any other non-human being that needed help and a place to stay.

The Second Witch War permanently damaged the family as several of their members died and dozens of others had their souls taken. As the only way to live after being humiliated by the combined efforts of the Mage Association and Dairenji Syndicate due to the fact the Amicus are martial pacifist, the family sold the land of Takamagahara to the Grand Magic Council. The daughter of two of these members, Mei Himegami, would later become the Divine Saint, and eventually, the third leader of the Amicus family.

Branch Families

Underneath the Amicus family, there are six other families:

  • Arcturus, The Arcturus are actually just a caravan of Amazonian Warriors that ravaged any males from villages that they came across. Once defeated by the main Amicus Family they were anexed in the branch families.
  • Asano, On par with the Togami Clan with their skills with swords. They are known for adopting orphans and training them in military combat.
  • Himegami, The Himegami only produce mediums and esper-magician hybrids. Their power is on the same level of the main family.
  • Kuo, The Kuo are known for generating talented athletes and teachers.
  • Sears, The Sears branch family is mostly known for their sensual Junoesque women and for generating extraordinary Magic Barristers.
  • Suzuki, The Suzuki produces mostly politicians, industrialists and religionists, the future leaders of the world, or experts in fields such as arts, public entertainment and sports.


  • It is speculated by many critics that large breasts, well toned bodies, plump booties, thick thighs, and motherly hips run in the family, as seen with both Vera Arcturus and Victoria Amicus.
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