A beautiful sunset can be seen in the distance...the warming glow of the setting sun dapples the beach with spots of orange sunlight...suddenly you hear a scream in the distance and see a shadow retreat into the thick forest!!!

You and your friends go to check out where the scream came from, only to find a bunch of embarrassed topless girls covering up themselves. You and your friends attempt to question them, but they are so embarrassed that they don't answer any of your questions. From behind, you hear a person approaching you quickly.

???: You over there hold it!!!

You see a tall, black haired woman who is wearing a thin coat and polka dotted bikini walks up to you and your friends. She has intense violet eyes and smells as fresh as the ocean breeze.

Bikini Girl: Hey, what are you all doing here looking suspicious? Don't tell me that you're the ones who are stealing the bikinis right off girls are you? I hate disgusting pigs like you!! DIEE!!!

The girl chucks a ball of sand at you and is blocking your way, what do you do now?

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