Celestial Incident Management Organization

Sherria's Group.jpg
Founder Roman Wiser
Status Active
Alignment Lawful Good
Specialization All types of combatants
Role Manages and fends off attacks from Celestial Beasts worldwide
Type International Combat Organization
Affiliations The International Union
Headquarters Many branches worldwide
Size Over 530,000!
Languages Predominantly English (official) and Japanese

Celestial Incident Management Organization is a worldwide defense organization created to defend the inhabitants of Earth from Celestial Beasts, and is led by Roman Wiser. The organization is usually pragmatic, due to having its origins from the Foo Fighters, as they specifically use both science, magic, and brute force to achieve their goals.


The organization was formed in the late 17th century, and it was founded due to a series of Celestial Beasts attacks in Europe and North America. They are an combat and preservation-based organization, whose tenets were formed out of frustration directed toward Celestial Beasts attacking various countries, threatening the lives of their dear loved ones.


  • Head Honcho- Supreme Leader
  • Field Marshal - Second in command
  • General
    • General
    • Lieutenant General
    • Major General
    • Brigadier General
  • Field Officer - Command CIMO's military divisions
    • Colonel
    • Lieutenant Colonel
    • Major
  • Company Officer
    • Captain
    • First Lieutenant
    • Second Lieutenant
    • Warrant Officer
  • Other
    • Master Sergeant
    • Sergeant
    • Corporal
    • Lance Corporal
    • Private First Class
    • Private E-2
    • Private E-1




Finished objectives

  • Magically augment all high ranking female's breasts in the organization to a G-cup or higher.



It is unknown if Roman Wiser recruits the Jewels around him or if the new recruits searches him out themselves.


Most high ranking members are given code names while most low ranking members will only be called grunts; it is possible for a low ranking member to have a code name, but only if they have done something to obtain it. Roman is known for giving highly suggestive names to female officers and giving crappy ones to male officers.


Based on Bianca's experience, there is apparently no respect to hierarchy of the organization. Probably, the magicians only follow orders directly from Roman, and may disregard the orders of those who have a higher rank.

Notable Members

  • Roman Wiser/The God of Alchemy - (Rank: Chief Commaning Officer); Runs and oversees the entire organization
  • Artemisia Riddell/Asymmetrical Angel - (Rank: Colonel); works in the United Kingdom branch's Anti-Magic Combat Division.
  • Bianca Argento/Lightning Arrester - (Rank: Major?); does mercenary work from time to time
  • Sasha Roszko/Zero Divider - (Rank: Colonel); works in the Russia branch's Celestial Combat Division.
  • Sylvester Smiles/Smiley Jack - (Rank:Sergeant; Deceased); worked in the United States branch's Aerial Combat Division.
  • MC Thor - (Rank: Captain; Defected); works in United States' Special Armed Soldiers.
  • Trickster King - (Rank: Colonel); works in United States' Special Armed Soldiers.
  • Usagi Mizushiro/Dusty Bunny - (Rank: Company Officer); works in Japan's Relief Corps.
  • Starslayer - (Rank: Colonel)
  • Hell Hound - (Rank: Major)
  • Eliza Injaian/Miss Static- (Rank: First Lieutenant); works in the United States Special Armed Soldiers. Relief Corps
  • Alice Steinberg/Gasolina - (Rank: Captain); works in Spain's Special Armed Soldiers. Relief Corps
  • Alisha Emeraude -
  • Flamer Keeper -
  • Renka Akabane -
  • Sword King -
  • Evelyn Gardener -
  • Mother Payne/ Demon Slaying Gun -
  • Soul Flayer -

Other Members

  • A number of unknown artificial Valkyries
  • A number of Beastkin
  • A number of Imagination Drives


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