The Destiny Spa Springs is multi-level building found in the third mini-city of Yamato in Destiny City. It is a resort designed to provide different types of bathing facilities and to entertain guests.


The facility's target demographic is 14+ year-old children, taking advantage of the fact that the facility is in Destiny City where the majority where students. The facility is famous, being ranked third among all bathhouses in the world.

The entire building is designed primarily to provide different types of bathing facilities. Every level made use of all types of unique bath styles, like those that use all sorts of herbs, baths that uses electrical power, sonic waves, as well as all kinds of pools. Moreover, the building has a large enough space for a shopping section and entertainment facilities such as a karaoke center, a bowling alley, a game corner, and a food tasting area, among others. The baths are apparently separated by sex, and there is no mention of a mixed bath.

Inside, though there is a lobby, there isn't any reception points as the payment areas are all at the entrance to each bath area. Getting to them requires the usage of an elevator. There are also rehabilitation rooms where a doctor is employed to respond to medical emergencies. It is likely that each sex has separate rooms and doctors as well.

Though the bathrooms have a setup very similar to traditional ones, the technology in the facility is advanced. In the baths that made use of higher composition of herbs for medicinal effects, it used a scientific method of analyzing the composition of the water, and then adjusting the composition of the artificial pool to have the desired effect. Moreover, the showering areas had a sensor the user had to tap on which detects body temperature and adjusts the temperature of shower to the most suitable one.

Another would be the usage of large magnetic particle color screen in place of a windows inside the building instead of windows. These expensive screens allow the particles to change and display all sorts of colors instantaneously without the need for external light. The screens have a touchscreen function, allowing users to draw on them or watch television on a small window on the screen.

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