Dungeon and Dragon Girls

Fennmont Dungeon

Fennmont (Battle)

Creator Mei-li and Astraea Sears
Area 2,187.66 km2 (844.66 sq mi)
Highest Point Mt. Rieze
Population 4,750 NPCs (not including enemies)
Terrain Varies between each of the twelve regions in Fennmont and each floor has its own theme
Role Ever evolving dungeon that can be used to train
Languages Predominantly English (official) and Japanese
Music Monster Girl Quest ► Final Battle - Ilias Final Form ║Extended║

Music Monster Girl Quest ► Final Battle - Ilias Final Form ║Extended║

Fennmont is the elaborate evolving dimension that has multiple entrances all over Destiny City shop, it is widely renowned for being the most unconquerable dungeon ever created. Fennmont was created by Mei-li in order to train students.


Fennmont was first made as a training ground for Destiny Military Academy and Kizuna Girls’ Academy students during World War III.

After World War III ended it was converted in a tourist attraction and training area for the Wizard Saints and Wizard Saint candidates.

Features and Layout

Version History

  • ver 1.75
    • Courtesans added
    • Guild Creation Added
    • Player and NPC Killing is added
      • Player and NPC Killing is deemed illegal in non-combative cities and non-PvP areas
    • Mt. Rieze Updated
      • Guild Wars Added
    • Monster Hunting Added
    • Mercenary NPCs added
    • Weapon Customization Added
  • ver. 2.0 (Day 'N' Nite)
    • Day and Night Cycles added
    • Witching Hour is added
    • Four Save Points added
    • Character customization updated and upgraded
    • Breast Slider Added
    • Breast Physics Updated
    • Butt Physics Updated
    • Environmental destruction is added
    • NPC Enslavement removed
    • Spell Buying and Upgrading is added
    • Seasonal Change is added
    • Tawawa's Café is added
  • ver. 2.75 (Fortune City)
    • Treasure chests updated and upgraded
    • Rare Item drops are made less frequent
    • Money acquisition increased by 0.7%
    • Twenty more Save Points added
      • Save Points Updated and upgraded
    • Item Negation is added
    • Secret worlds Added
    • Luck stats added
    • Breast Slider Updated
    • Breast Physics Updated
    • Butt Physics Updated
    • Inventory limit increased
    • Elemental Criticals Added
    • Physical and Magical Tolerance Added
    • Armor Customization Added
    • Lady Killer
    • 10 Million visitors confirmed
  • ver. 2.90 (Girl's Night Out)
    • Flag Racing Added
    • Battle Royal is Added
    • Monster Girls Added
    • Female equip slots increased
    • Fifteen more Save Points Added
      • Save Points are now Exit Points as well and heal wounds as a bonus
    • More Female Accessories and Armor Added
    • Monster Girl Beach Added
    • Shiroyuki Resort Added
    • Breast Slider Updated
    • Breast Physics Updated
    • Butt Physics Updated
    • Fast Food restaurants are Added
    • Fashion Shows added
    • Avatars are Added
    • Hot Springs are Added
    • More Accessory and Gift shops are Added
    • 20 Million visitors confirmed
  • ver. 3.02 (Home)
    • Guild Hall Search feature Added
    • Inns are added
    • Leveling System Added
    • Portal Crossroads Added
    • Hub City creation Added
      • Hub Cities act as Exit/Save Points
    • Breast Slider Updated
    • Butt Physics Updated
    • Breast Physics Updated
    • Item upgrading Added
    • Tethering Added
    • 30 Million visitors confirmed
  • ver. 3.65 (Bad Time)
    • Item Completion Event Added
    • Trivia Event Added
    • Karma Meter Added
    • Yin/Yang Meter Added
    • Bust Upper Event Added
    • "Original Sin" Event Added
    • Doppelgangers Added
    • Monster Invasion Event Added
    • Breast Slider Updated
    • Breast Physics Updated
    • Butt Physics Updated
    • Story dimension Added
    • 50 Million visitors confirmed
  • ver.?.?? (Endless Summer)
    • Celestial Woods Temple Added
    • Gender Change feature Added
    • Crystal Sand Trail Added
    • Destiny Seahaven Added
      • Body customization expanded and updated
    • NPC Enslavement restored
    • Scarlet Night Event Added
    • Breast Slider Updated
    • Butt Physics Updated
    • Breast Physics Updated
    • VIRAL Event Added
    • Quarantine Event Added
    • Limited-time "Summer Festival" event added for the span of each summer
    • Limited-time Beach Scavenger hunt event added for the span of each summer
    • Limited-Edition customized Speedo and Bikini armor available for the span of summer
    • Parties can now contain more than three members
    • Criminals are now tried and punished in the first established court of Fennmont
    • 61 Million visitors confirmed



List of Notable Locations

Here are a few Notable locations ordered from F-Rank to Wizard Saint Class

F ~ D Rank

  1. Monster Girl Beach: As it's name implies, it is a beach full of monster girl themed enemies with beach themed mini-games.
  2. Destiny Spiritway: The Destiny Spirtway is a serene and spacious place for newbies to trian in and for tourist to get great pictures of majestic monsters.
  3. Destiny Seahaven: Nothing is better than relaxing on your hammock and sitting under an umbrella with a gentle breeze next to the sea, sadly, monsters are attacking and its up to you to avenge the fallen sandcastle.

C ~ B Rank

  1. Shiroyuki Resort: Shiroyuki Resort lies to the snowy north of Fennmont's capital city: Addabat; Shiroyuki Resort is ran by a nice Yuki-onna, but a few of her previous guest have taken over the luxurious hotel and its up to you to take it back.
  2. Celsius's Fortress: At first Celsius comes off as a cold-heart Ice Queen, but in actuality she just wants to have friend and only way to her heart is by defeating her minions and subjugating her. Just Kidding :p
  3. Crystal Sand Trail: A Pharaoh, a Sandworm and a Sphinx all walk into a bar, what do they all have in common? Easy. They are all common enemies in this dessert area in the south.


  1. Grand Slave Trading City: Slavery is a terrible, terrible thing to do, but this city is full of enslaved Monster Girls, Scruffy ninja NPCs and High-Class Elves just waiting to be bought and sold at the city square. You CAN do something about it, but the corrupt tyrant who runs this area is not going out without a fight.
  2. Highway to Hel: The quickest way to Hel is taking the highway.
  3. Quarantined City: The Quarantined City area is like your favorite Survival Horror games series, but three times as dangerous and awesome.

Wizard Saint Candidates

  1. Yamato City: A futuristic Tokyo with Jedi Ninja and Cyber Samurai running around keeping the peace, but a darker story is hidden within the city's corrupt politics.
  2. Scarlet Meadow: Once the sun goes down, the stars come out and all that matters is here and now, your universe will never be the same the monster aren't glad you came. A red blood moon hangs over the sacred meadow of Mt.Rieze.
  3. Orc Stronghold on Mt. Rieze: Orcs are cowardly bastards who run from powerful enemies and will resort to sneak attacks, pillaging and raping just to devastate a lone village, good thing that Grandmaster Bolin and his sexy granddaughter Dailan are here to help you in your efforts to save the captives and to take back Mt. Rieze.

Wizard Saints

  1. Angel Fall: Angel Fall is one of the largest areas in Fennmont and it is also one of the most heart wrenching "Stories" ever to be experienced in Fennmont.
  2. Sheol Gate: An unforgiving 666 floor dungeon with three bosses at the end of each floor with one save point every 100 floors and no healing or defense stat boosting items can be used to help you. If you make it to the end you'll be rewarded with three wishes from the final boss Illya.
  3. Celestial Woods Temple: A humongous temple hidden in the woods with replicas of the twelve Celestials running a muck on the Harvest Moon Festival.


  1. Forgotten Necropolis: An underground city of the dead teaming with tons of undead adversaries and demonic beings around every corner.
  2. Slime Queen's Castle: The slime kingdom is under new management and Queen Suu's first imperial decree is to rid women of their bras and panties ufufufu >:)
  3. Sunken City of Atlantis: Prepare yourself for a whimsical fish of a tale and a empowering epic musical that will make the Little Mermaid jealous.



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