Kanami Amagi
Alias Track Star
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human


Gender Female
Age 23
Birthday June 6
Blood Type O-
Personal Data
Birthplace Hiroshima, Japan; raised in Paris, France
Affiliation Foo Fighters
Occupation Sergeant Second-Class in the Valkyrie Crusaders, an Army Intelligence Agency Strike Force (Foo Fighters) and Cross Country Coach and Swim team Coach
Base of Operations New York City

Unknown sisters

Favorite Food

Momiji manju with green tea or chocolate filling

Spiritas (96 proof vodka)

Hair Color

Burnt Mocha

Eye Color



5'6" (168 cm)


58kg (127.9 lbs)

Three Sizes (Bust, Waist and Hips)



?? E


Time Stopping and survival techniques


Aimless walks, Jogging and Swimming


Greasy foods and Riding in vehicles she isn't able to drive


Several firearms, explosives, a combat knife and her time controlling magic whistle

FSN Remix Ever-Present Feeling

FSN Remix Ever-Present Feeling

A model-turned-soldier from France and new recruit to the Foo Fighters' Intelligence Devision. She works with Vanessa to bring down the Dairenji syndicate.


Kanami was an infant abandoned at a church entrance. Her name comes from the piece of paper clasped in her tiny hands. Once she figured out the ways of the world, she decided to leave the sanctuary of the church and taste the forbidden fruit of the real world. Her invigorating, tom-boy personality and keen fighting sense helped her become leader of a gang of street kids. She was recruited by a modeling agency due to her exceptional beauty, but was soon recruited by the Foo Fighters service when her acting and modeling abilities caught the attention of the Intelligence Agency. As a top agent, who received a special education for the gifted in espionage, Kanami made her name known in countless missions.

But Kanami, sickened by the succession of assassinations and conspiracies that consumed her conscience, applied for transfer to the special forces squad, Valkyrie Crusaders. She met her mentor and best friend, Vanessa.


She is a young woman with long, dark mocha colored hair that reaches past her waist while standing and glowing blue eyes, and is always seen with a black jacket, which hugs tightly on her large bust with a white V-neck undershirt and track shorts. Her long hair is usually left down, making her look careless, but also gives her an intriguing sexy feeling.


Although she is on the battlefield, she still cares about her figure, sometimes avoiding food since it'll ruin her diet. She hopes that her action on the field will help her taste what it really means to live. Kanami is known for being crafty and an ace in pyrotechnics.


Special Ops Mastery- Due to her Foo Fighters training she's a master of various special tactics; she was trained in hand-to-hand combat by the military, and is an expert at pyrotechnics.

Time Stopping- Her Ars whistle allows her to stop and start time whenever she blows it for 180 seconds.

Peak Human Condition- She is at the peak of human physique