Mage Associations are a type of magic-related organization in the Imoutoverse.


Mage Associations are secret organizations, generally comprised of spell-casters, yokai, Jewels, and priests/priestesses, that govern those associated with magic in their claimed area of expertise. Many are run by the State or like a company that has influence on the State. Not all magic-users join an Association within their country or area, however they can still associate with an Association of their choosing.


It is unknown since when the Mage Association have existed, but their origins can be traced back for at least a twenty centuries.

They do not belong to any country. The Association never operates in the eye of the public. Their network extends to regions across the globe, and due to its unique organization, they have their own form of government.

Their function and objectives are to advance and experiment in the arts of alchemy and magic. As a result, their greatest strength as an organization is their education system, which is how they send great magicians and alchemists alike into the world.

The headquarters of the various associations are situated on the island of the magic capital, Magic City Arcadia. The leaders of the Mage Associations are known as the Ten Apostles, the best magicians, and while the ten seats have never been filled all at once, the Apostles lead the Association in the direction they see fit.

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