Metallica the Iron Maiden is the founder of the Anti-Reaper Hunting Group called the Foo Fighters, but quit after her first kill. Her real name is Rasiel Brando.
Iron Maiden

She's one badass maid



Metallica has long black to white gradient hair and deep black eyes that appear pure gold during battle, when not wearing her Artemisia Dress she wears dark china-red square half framed glasses. Metallica's Artemisia dress takes on the appearance similar to that of a naughty nun. She wears long black laced boots, and a black veil that is attached with gold decorations. There is also a golden cross shaped pen attached to a beaded rope, surrounding the waist of the veil-like dress and a gold, cross-like symbol on the hip part that exposes her thighs. Usually seen wearing a golden cross necklace.


Metallica, at first glance, can be perceived as the perfect woman – courteous, sexy, and intelligent. Being a former doctor, former scientist and a former head maid, she is a kind person who is willing to help those in need. She is good friends with the Bakuzan Clan, acting as their teacher in Rachie's case she is like a mother to her. She will do anyting for the sake of her friend. She was initially portrayed as a ruthless terrorist but she was in fact doing it for a better cause.

She has a one-sided, rather awkward relationship with Smokey Brown: Metallica likes him as a friend, while Smokey Brown is infatuated with her, but does not know how to express his love.

Lastly, she has two obsessions, Peking duck and cosplaying as smaller girls when she is drunk (due to accidentally buying clothes that are too small for her size and wishing to see what they would look like on a person).


Gun Kata-

Species Detection- She can detect Reapers from up to 300 ft away from her

Sense of Strength-


Time Perception Manipulation-

Air Walking-

Divine Attacks-

Awareness Distortion-


Peak Human Condition-

Iron Maiden's Yearning-



Metallica's given name, Rasiel, also means "Secret of God", "Keeper of Secrets" or "Angel of Mysteries.

Her code name Metallica is a name of a Rock band She shares her last name with Dio Brando

Her Reaper Hunting group shares it's name with the Foo Fighters music group