NEMESIS is a 0th City of Destiny-based organization whose primary function is to monitor the upper echelons of the Destiny City, including every single Magic Council of the other hierarchical cities and prevent them from gaining too much power and getting out of hand. Its incarnation, as seen on December 25, was virtually destroyed during the events of that day despite only one operative being confirmed to be killed (Arantxa) and the rest just indisposed or their status unknown, and was later reorganized to form a new organization with the remnants of the first and second generations of the 13 wizard saints.

After the events of the attack on New Caledonia, Ritsu Dairenji reconciles with the remaining members and reforms the group. The organization becomes the only known faction from the Dark Side of Destiny City that fought in the factional war on December 25 to have not been disbanded after the war.


Like the other Dark Side of Destiny City factions their level of security and authority are the same—an unofficial unit created by putting few persons together. As their primary role was to watch over the upper classes even the various Magic Councils, it is unknown exactly how they are ordered around. Regardless, the NEMESIS liaison is the one who gives them missions, and is often in contact with the other liaisons, though their relationship is casual enough that Ritsu can ignore an order. Moreover, not only do they guard the higher-ups, they also take missionary work like the ones they did for Perry Dairenji. They are also used in eliminating elements of unrest within Destiny City, as when the liaison asked them to check out the attack on the Virus Isolation Center in The 8th Hierarchical City of Steele , or when they tried to prevent the Foo Fighters from assassinating both Justine and Maelys Ban by killing their snipers.

Like the other organizations, they seem to have a subordinate organization of grunts to do menial tasks for them. They are used to assist them in missions, be their gofers like Arantxa, conceal their operations, and destroy evidence, which probably includes collecting the corpses of the dead members of NEMESIS.


While Ritsu Dairenji is the field leader of the team and the NEMESIS liaison is the one giving orders, according to Petta, Altis is the core of NEMESIS. This is backed up by both Seraphina and Mallory. They stated that if Altis is killed, NEMESIS will be restricted as she is the one that determines if they are the chasers or the one being chased.


Original Incarnation

  • Ritsu Dairenji (Defected and Indisposed)
  • Metallia (Indisposed)
  • Birdie (Defected))
  • Arantxa (Defected and executed)
  • Emilie De Fleur (Defected)
  • Stella (Defected)
  • Maris (Deceased?)
  • Nuria (Indisposed?)
  • Petta (Indisposed?)
  • Arisa (Unknown)
  • Aurora (Indisposed)
  • Altis (Unknown)
  • Mallory (Unknown)
  • Seraphina (Indisposed)
  • Elenora (Unknown)
  • Eldrid (Deceased?)

Unnamed combined team

NEMESIS's backer realized that NEMESIS could not function with only Birdie and Nuria left in fighting condition, and was tasked to remake a team using the few surviving members from the first and second generations of the 13 wizard saints.

Second Incarnation

  • Metallia
  • Altis
  • Elenora
  • Stella
  • Nuria
  • Birdie
  • Arisa


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