Songs are special spells that run on emotions that can only be wielded by Witches to not only seal up Twilight Rings, but also allows then to other magical feats.


Five years after the appearance of the first Twilight Ring, Pandora's Labryinth, Sherria Amicus commissioned the Witch Council to make unique incantations to seal up Twilight Rings. The leader of the Witch Council came up with magical Songs that draw out emotion which manifested into Magic. The Witch Goddess made it so that all Witches can use both Witch Tattoos and Songs freely to aid in the closing of Twilight Rings.

After the end of World War 3, their negative emotions created powerful Ex Nihilo with the power to use Songs.


Songs can range from manipulation of elements or mana in the area around the user to controlling the user's surroundings to even being able to preform extraordinary reality warping miracles by singing a song. They have a variety of uses, but only truly work if done correctly.

Every Witch's Song is different and unique only to them. Both the scope and range are dependent of the emotions of the user.

All songs stay active once completed and will stop after the user dies or what the Song was needed for was achieve.

By doing group songs the effects of the Songs are greatly enhanced.