Virie Maxima is a country that exists in an alternate universe. The country is ruled by a matriarchy, with an unconditional ruling of women, although there are also a small population of males who are knowledgeable in magic. As a military territory, Viriers utilizes magi-tech weapons and performs an aggressive expansion over its neighboring territories. 253 years ago, Viriers experienced a coup-d'-etat led by Kris, who used Nero as a scapegoat. The current-ruling queen Michelle Serafino was able to thwart the plans to overthrow her, and as a result, Nero and many others supporting the coup were punished; on the other hand, the true conspirator managed to evade punishment. Currently, Viriers is sending it soldiers to fight over in the Verse-7, it is also hinted that Viriers is now preparing a formal invasion.

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