"You are already caught on my wires."
― Cain Harvard
Name: Cain Harvard
Alias: The Silver Reaper, Cain the Silver Wire, Silver Slicer, Clean Freak, The Silver Perfectionist.
Alignment: Neutral Evil
"I will slice you cleanly that people will be in awe how clean your sliced body parts are."
"Let's do this but please..DONT dirty my clothes."
====Wire Manipulation: Cain can freely generate and manipulate metallic wires, the wires lenght is 200ft or 61 or 70m. Can freely manipulate the lenght of the wire as long as it didn't reach its limits.====

Wire Proficiency: Cain is skilled in using his wires. Can freely generate or manipulate how long the wire can be as long it didn't reacgh its limit.


Cain Harvard was born in the city of Seoul,Korea. He was born from a loving family. He always cleans everything and always sorts everything in order, Cain had OCD and was always a Perfectionist , doing things perfectly and neatly. But his REAL beginning is where he witness his parents were killed by an unknown syndicate organization. In that time he developed a power to generate wires and killed the people who invaded and killed his parents in the house cleanly without a shed of blood. after that he trained himself on fully controlling and perfecting his Wire Manipulation, thats where he developed his proficiency in his Wire Powers. Then he klilled many people who stood in his way on avenging his parents. Many people started calling him many nicknames, but his favorite out of all of them is "The Silver Perfectionist".