Character sheet(3)
"Reveal you're Darkside."
― Joseph Greenwood
'Name: 'Joseph Greenwood
Alias: The Trickster, Shadows of Evil
Alignment: True Neutral
Archetype: Clever CrowsGentleman Snarker
Hobbies: Tricking People, Being a Gentleman
 Darkside View: Joseph can force or manipulate people's mind in facing their evil side or dark side. It can also bring the darkside of the person into a living being. The darkside of the person is 10x more powerful than him.
Joseph Greenwood was once a well known psychologist, he knew people's dark side and continue to help them. He was rich, handsome and  a gentleman . One day, he was in a scandal, and lost his job, murdered in an alley ny a mugger. He woken up in a strange white room where he met a man in a suit sitting in front of him. The man said to him if he wanted something from him to be brought here. Not knowing who brought him here Joseph ask if he can be alive again. The man granted his wish with a bonus, he will have a power to make the darkside of people turn into a living being.