As there's been quite a bit arguments/Edits/Deletions over whether Saitama (One Punch Man) counts as Absolute or simply Supernatural, I figured it's easiest to finally get into agreement over it. Basically take it here instead of using Talk-pages/Comments and especially no commentary during Edits.

Note that I know next to nothing of him/series, so keep it simple.

Few rules to get the ball rolling:

1) No opinions. It has to be provable and backed with pic or (as the manga is translated on several sites) link to the relevant page.

1a) No in-verse opinions, those can be misleading as they don't use same terminology as this site. Remember that several beings have been described as Omnipotent when they are by our reckoning either N-OP or even less.

2) Keep it civil. No insults or disparaging comments to other peoples opinions/proves. Prove your case with facts.

3) No adding Saitama into Users until this is over. First gets one warning and second gets you days timeout. We're trying to prevent this kind of thing.

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