The ability to have powers that are neither magical, spiritual, scientific, divine or demonic. Sub-power of Supernatural Manipulation & Trait:Unknown Power. Not to be confused with Magic.

Also Known

  • Independent Power
  • Untainted Power


(Description of a power)

User's power isn't specified to a specific category due to it's nature. It may be specified to a category but in which category in which category it should be in is constantly in question. It isn't specified to usual categories or it doesn't fit specifically into one of the general categories of powers (Demonic, spiritual, divine, angelic, scientific, etc.) One thing the power may have that separates from others is that it may be able to affect the user's behavior. This doesn't apply to all but this may apply to some users.

(Description of an Ambiguous power on a large scale)

Users of this power is have access to a force or power ambiguous in nature, yet different supernatural contexts can apply and be harnessed. This means that say things that you’d see users of magical, spiritual, demonic, etc. use, users of this power will be able to preform without using powers from that same category. For example, users of this power will be able to curse someone without the use of magic but through some unknown way, the victim will be cursed as if a spell were casted. The general applications of this powers are near limitless due to being ambiguous & not limited to a certain type of applications. People with magical, spiritual, demonic, etc. technically achieve this power due to their powers having esoteric affects. Due to this power basically being a mix of various esoteric affects, it can be theorized to be the driving force behind all esoteric affects in various groups of powers like how Electromagnetism is the driving force behind keeping matter together.

Applications (Detail)



  • The strength of this power varies from user to user.
  • It might take training to get better at or to harness it at all.
  • It may drain vitality for some users.
  • If the power affects the user's behavior & not properly controlled, the power can control the user themselves.

Know Users

  • Force Users (Star Wars franchise)
  • Sith Magic-users (Star Wars franchise)
  • Ki Users (Dragon Ball series)
  • Nen Users (Hunter x Hunter)
  • Yuga Khan - Source Manipulation (DC Comics)
  • Shazam when empowered by New Gods - Source manipulation (DC Comics)
  • Orion (New Earth) - Astro Force (DC Comics)
  • Benders (Last Air Benders/Legends of Korra)
  • Semblance user (RWBY)
  • Gifts (Code Vein)
  • Jujutsu Sorcerers (Jujutsu Kaisen)



  • While not magic, the user of esotericy can learn to control their power by studying magic without necessarily gaining/using magic. This idea came from a Marvel character who studied magic to get a better understandfing of her powers but didn't by any means gain magic.
  • This powers was inspired off of Sith Magi.
  • This power comes from the word Esoteric. Esotericism is a Religion which is not where I get it from. This whole power is esoteric (Esotericism & Esoteric are different).
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