Personal Info

Name: Akuma Seth

Age: 16

Aliases: Wildblood, Dark Ronin, Prince of Monsters

Ethnicity: Blasian (Black, Japanese)

Species: Superpowerd Monster/Human Physiology

Personality: Akuma emirates ungodly amounts of rage, wrath, & bloodlust. Despite this, he acts normally & is polite & can interact with people normally. His rage comes from being discriminated for the most part in the Japanese Monster community & the normal Japanese human community. Despite this however, he doesn't let this get the best of him however. Akuma respects all women even if they are thots; in the case of thots that pursue him, he will eventually slay them.


Akuma even without his powers is a very capable & powerful organism. His skills alone make him a force to be reckoned with. It's stated by even a racist Japanese superpower Mofia boss that if Akuma's power were stripped from him, he can still kill him (the Mofia boos).

Indomitable Will: Akuma possess an unusually high will power to be immune to all forms of temptation & has even more feats.

  • Paranormal Immunity: Akuma's immune to paranormal effects such as spectral and ecto-related attacks and abilities
    • Possession Immunity: Akuma never wants anyone to take hold of him rendering him immune to possession.
  • Soul Immunity: Akuma's immune to soul-based powers.
  • Psychic Shield: Akuma refuses to let anyone to tamper with his mind making him immune to telepathic abilities.
  • Seduction Immunity: Akuma hates those who utilize their looks to get what they want immune to being sexually aroused by them.
  • Magic immunity: Akuma doesn't like magic due to everyone using it. His dislike for it has rendered him completely immune to all forms of magic despite the level of power.

Indomitable Rage: Akuma has unnaturally strong rage that is never ending and ever growing. Through his rage Akuma can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will refuse to surrender, literally using his anger to fight through the pain, possibly up to the point of cheating death and pushing himself past his own limitations. His rage can also act as a makeshift source of power for their strength.

  • Absolute Violence: Akuma's level of brutality tends to have a monstrously infinite yet flawless array of violent methods, and the said methods also tend to be unfathomably fearsome and infinitely shocking. Just because Akuma has no limited boundaries to his barbarity, doesn’t necessarily mean that he's evil. Because of Akuma's form of savageness, enemies are simultaneously, totally afraid of him as well as despise him from the bottom of their hearts. Even the most purest malevolent of being will forever fear Akuma and his boundless brutality and infinite ferocious that can surpass all the powers and horrors of hell. Additionally, aside from the already existing brutality methods, he can also have the unnatural prowess of having a creative yet endless amount of brutal ways he could possibly think of on the fly, making him ridiculously savage and/or wicked.
    • Enhanced Mauling: Akuma possess enhanced skills to rip his enemies to shreds with just pure force alone or just a powerful strike.

Tactile Analysis: Akuma is an extremely skilled strategic genius and apply this skill to several objectives, able to create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent. He can elaborate complex plans/strategies and apply them not only in battle but all activities that involve cunning intellect, e.g. strategic games. He can anticipate all of the possible obstacles/opportunities and know what the best actions to take in any situation, allowing him to adapt and prepare for future events in advance by considering a large number of scenarios/outcomes/options/paths, and plan ahead for them, to be ready for any situation that may occur and handle it effectively. Akuma's very analytical and can understand or anticipate the enemies' moves, and always be two steps forward in any situation.

Supernatural Unarmed Combat: Akuma excels in melee attacks without weapons on supernatural levels. Akuma's able to perform counters, techniques and combination strikes with such skill, speed, and prowess that far surpasses his monster & superhuman counterparts. Since Akuma's combative prowess is pushed far beyond the natural level, he's able to pull off hand-to-hand feats that are seemingly impossible for even the most skilled fighters that try to comprehend the Akuma's foreign skill.


Akuma's the son of the King of Monsters; a Monster that is extremely powerful that is arguably the strongest in history. Due to his Human/Monster physiology, he's what is known as a Wildblood which is basically a Human Monster Lord. These are to never be born due to their raw potential. His father is a planetary level threat. Akuma achieving Hybrid Vitality made him a galactic level threat & his father has stated that Akuma has the potential to be a universal threat & from their a multiversal threat.

Superpowered Monster/Human Esoteric Physiology (Willblood Physiology): Akuma's Physiology makes him a very powerful organism.

His superpower monster side grants him various powers.

  • Supernatural Condition: Akuma's physical and mental abilities are glaringly, obviously, and super/unnaturally superior over others in his universe because his capabilities are far beyond natural levels, making him immensely stronger, faster, durable and smarter than regular beings (in that verse).
    • Supernatural Strength: Akuma is unnaturally stronger than his race because his capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level and superior to most supernatural beings in their verse; making them immensely stronger than normal members of their species (in that 'verse). He's capable of perform galactic levels feats of strength. Akuma also possesses strength powerful enough to affect the fabrics of time and space on a small scale and even shake a finite universe with their striking force.
      • Supernatural Leap: Akuma can jump incredible distances and land safely, covering frighteningly tall heights and long distances. He can leap to the moon.
      • Shockwave Stomp: Akuma can produce powerful shock waves by stomping the ground. Akuma's able to cause ripples in the ground.
      • Crushing: Akuma can crush and/or deform objects with ease.
      • Pincer Grip: Akuma can exert a nearly unbreakable grip and cause crushing damage to the target. With his incredible strength, he's actually able to make 10 feet of the ground around him crumble.
      • Pulverization: Akuma is able to pulverize or turn anything to dust using only physical strength.
      • Razor Hand/Foot: Akuma can apply such force to his bare hands/feet that he can use them as stabbing and cutting weapons.
      • Shockwave Clap: Akuma can produce powerful shockwaves by clapping his hands. The shockwaves he can produce can actually heavily damage his opponents depending who they are.
      • Earthquake Generation: Akuma can use his immense strength to create miniature earthquakes.
      • Raw Power: Akuma has displayed the ability to preform feats that some times defy logic & allow him to combat almost anything using only his strength.
    • Supernatural Durability: Akuma's able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, virtually all corrosives, punctures, and concussions without sustaining injury.
    • Supernatural Speed: Akuma's unnaturally faster over other beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed far beyond the natural level, making them immensely faster than regular beings (in that verse). He can move FTL. He speed is overall; he can think, move, & perceive FTL.
      • Speed Clones: Akuma can utilize high speed to create a solid afterimage, realistic enough to actually attack and bleed from injuries. In other words, moving fast enough to be in more than one place at once.
      • Air Dashing: Akuma can perform short "dashes" in mid-air, allowing increased speed and even changing direction in mid-jump.
      • Intangibility: Akuma can vibrate at such a speed he can phase through almost anything.
    • Supernatural Senses: Akuma's sense of sight, taste, hearing, touch, and smell are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more acute than other beings in their universe. He can see kilometers away with immense resolution, track things too fast for the natural eye, hear through dense walls perfectly, listen to sweat drop from someone's face in another room, smell anything over vast distances up to and including individual molecules/atoms, taste the smallest details to the extent of distinguishing at a molecular level, and feel the slightest vibration in the air, ground and water.
      • Supernatural Accuracy: Akuma has unaturally greater accuracy than other beings in his universe because his capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making him able to aim and target much better than regular beings (in that verse).
    • Supernatural Reflexes: Akuma's unnaturally superior reaction speeds over other beings in their universe because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making them able to react faster than regular beings (in that verse).
    • Enhanced Instincts: Akuma has stronger instincts than normal, not only of predatory or prey but also battle, sexual, killing and/or parental instincts. He's able to process the world in the most advanced/efficient manner possible to find any solutions to any/all kinds of problems that the user faces, using both logical and illogical sense and strategies.
    • Supernatural Intelligence: Akuma unnaturally more intelligent than other beings in their universe because their mental capabilities and applications are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely smarter than regular beings (in that verse). He has stated to be the at the lower end of
    • Supernatural Dexterity: Akuma unnaturally more dexterous than other beings in his universe because his capabilities are far beyond the natural level; making them immensely better at controlling their limbs, muscles, and digits than regular beings (in that verse).
    • Supernatural Stamina: Akuma has unnaturally greater than other beings in his universe because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely more enduring than regular beings (in that verse). He once fought for months straight.
    • Supernatural Endurance: Akuma's unnaturally more enduring than other beings in their verse because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural limits; making them able to work longer/survive without supplies, resources, energy, or other items for an immensely extended amounts of time, far longer than regular beings (in that verse).
    • Supernatural Roar: Akuma is unnaturally able to shout a roar beyond normal limitations of most members of his species because his capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making his roar immensely more powerful than any regular being.
      • Ballistic Scream: Akuma can emit sound waves that can destroy objects, he is able to target certain objects so that only they are destroyed. With enough power, Akuma could level entire cities with his power and at full strength, he could possibly destroy an entire planet, or even distort the fabrics of reality.
    • Anger Empowerment: The angrier Akuma becomes the stronger he will become
    • Authority: (latent) Due to being the prince of monster technically, Akuma has the power of authority to rule, enforce orders, enforce laws and make any decisions he's will giving him almost total control over other monsters.
  • Psionics: Akuma can use various forms of psychic/mental abilities/powers. His come in the form of Psychic Energy Manipulation.
  • Shapeshifting: Akuma can alter his form at will, transforming and reshaping himself potentially down to his genetic and cellular structure. He can impersonate others or enhance his own body for combat, turn into animals, humanoids, various monsters, etc. This power comes from his monster form not being truly 1 thing. With his superpowers heritage & his human heritage, it lead to him being able to shapeshift.
  • Bio-Fire Manipulation: Akuma can create, shape, and manipulate bio-generated fire, which is a self-generated process of combustion created from a living body. He can even harness and manipulate combustion and it’s elements both inside and around him.
    • Bio-Pyric Dynamo: Akuma can channel his bio-energy field to draw in ambient energy to infinitely produce heat, fire and fire-based elements from his bodies. This includes, but not limited to, flame, heat, oxidizers, etc. He's able to channel and direct them to any kind of purpose. He can even absorb these elements and other related forms into their being.
      • Bio-Energetic Heating: Akuma can channel his bio-energy field to draw in ambient energy to infinitely produce heat, related energies, and particles from his body. Akuma can channel them for any use he can think of. He can even absorb heat, related energies, and forces into his being.
      • Bio-Energetic Sourcing: Akuma can channel his bio-energy field to harness and manipulate ambient energy. He's able to project his own natural energy outward to draw power/absorb from any energy source, enhancing himself in the process and even redirecting the energy for any purpose. Said channelling from external sources facilitates Akuma from absorbing different energies with no ill effects, converting it may be an energetic resource or sustenance.
    • Bio-Fire Energy Manipulation: Akuma can channel his bio-energy field to create, control, and manipulate the energies that both drive and sustain fire/plasma-based elements. He's able to harness these elemental forces inside and around him. He can even manifest these energies as the elements they drive.
    • Fire Manipulation
    • Ultimate Burning: Akuma can burn anything, even if they are normally non-flammable, incorporeal or even conceptual entities, such as time. Akuma can raise the temperature to absolute levels, generating scientifically unexplainable levels of particle energies; due to burning at such otherwise impossible levels, complete annihilation of object at subatomic levels occur. Fire Immunity provides no defense against this ability and extinguishing it is difficult, if not impossible.
    • Incineration: Akuma can utilize high temperatures to instantly incinerate almost anything, reducing it to ashes. Akuma can control what part of the target he wants to incinerate, and destroy the target so completely that absolutely no byproduct is left, not even ashes.
  • Electricity Manipulation
  • Energy Manipulation (these specific Applications)

His mother's an Esoteric human granting him various esoteric powers.




Akuma is the son of the king of Monsters, Susanoo & a dark Esoteric human named Yuta Katsuki. Growing up in human Japanese society, he faced racial prejudice for being half Japanese. In monster society, he faced more physical prejudice. Since he was half human, Akuma had to wait until puberty for his powers to manifest. Knowing this, some monsters would assault him (not sexually though). Akuma would grow up to become angry individual but his mother taught him to harness his rage & channel that rage into something more productive. From childhood, she trained him to master his rage & master his the arts of combat. He also has an innate naturally high willpower. At a young age, he could be a word class supernatural assassin. When his powers manifested, he mastered most of his powers over the course of 6 months. He quickly gained a intimidating reputation in the monster community & human criminal underworld. There's been countless monster & humans who wanted him dead & either attempted to have him killed or they attempted to kill him. Either way, he would have them suffer & terrible death. Eventually though, Akuma would gain friend in the Monster & human worlds.



  • Akuma took a total of 5 days to make.
  • I was originally going to have Akuma be 18 & have a wife that was 30 but I decided to make him & his love interest teens.
  • Akuma hates lolis.
    • I was going to have a friend that was lols-like but I didn't want it to be taken a wrong way.
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