Name: Salem

Age: ???

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: ???

Height: 6ft

Species: Anti-God

Status: Married

Theme Song: Warship My Wreck by Marilyn Manson

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Occupation: Anti-Goddess, Ruler of the Forbidden Realm

Personality: Salem is a dark individual that loves making all kinds of heresies & destruction. all she wants is destruction & death. With all this darkness, she generally keeps calm & speaks in a calm tone. She will not refrain from verbally abusing her opponents though & she will go tom places she didn't need to go, all the time.

She also displays the features of motherly-like figure as well. For those who choose to serve her, she will not refrain from hold them & treating them as her own children. If any of her followers die, she will experience some form of dismay by saying "my child" & shed some tears.

When it comes to romantic relationships, she displays a dominant role. She prefers to make the decisions (with the aid of her partner) & she is the one usually pampered.


  • Tactical Analysis: Salem is an extremely skilled strategic genius and apply this skill to several objectives, able to create strategies and plans several steps ahead of the opponent. She can elaborate complex plans/strategies and apply them not only in battle but all activities that involve cunning intellect, e.g. strategic games. She can anticipate all of the possible obstacles/opportunities and know what the best actions to take in any situation, allowing her to adapt and prepare for future events in advance by considering a large number of scenarios/outcomes/options/paths, and plan ahead for them, to be ready for any situation that may occur and handle it effectively.
  • Adaptive Mind: Salem can adapt mentally to any situation/condition/event/environment, never being caught off guard in sudden changes, and instantly reacting to new situations. She instantly and automatically analyzes and understands any environment or situation, and deduce the most optimal course of action, allowing her to make the right decision in all situations.
  • Tactical Genius: Salem has a genius-level of strategy and tactics, able to see through all angles/information/patterns/perceptions of any subject, conflict, condition, environment, etc. This gives her the ability to come up with plans/actions that will guarantee victory and make the wisest/optimal strategic and tactical decisions for the short and long term at exactly the right time. He can consider all effects and outcomes, anticipate all obstacles, seize all opportunities, adjust effectively to any situation, manipulate all circumstances to her optimal benefits, and making the most out of anything around her to achieve her goals. Salem possesses a flawless foresight, enabling her to balanced his long-term strategy with her tactical moves with unparalleled accuracy, as well as intuitively forecasting future trends, changes, events, and developments, and respond quickly and accurately to any circumstance or situation, also able to persuade people and manipulate them to do what she wants them to do discreetly, by using various psychological tricks, and easily read their intentions and discover their deception. Which makes her the ideal strategist at all levels, and achieve the best possible results in anything he does.
    • Counterstrategy Tactics: Salem possesses incredibly extensive knowledge and skill in creating strategies that counter the strategies of others. Her backup plans will always have backup plans and they will foil all strategic attempts against them.
    • Error Prevention: Salem can prevent any or all errors and mistakes that may happen in any situation, from weakness to problems to flaws and other things. Salem can keep them from happening no matter what may happen.
  • Hypercompetence: Salem possesses powerful/incredible skill in one, several, or in some cases every possible field or discipline, whether intellectual or practical, formal or mundane: mathematics, cooking, strategy, sports, games, politics, fighting, mechanics, psychology, economy, art, medicine, investigation, etc. She demonstrates a mind-boggling level of perceptiveness and efficiency in their respective field(s), multiplying virtually impossible feats with ridiculous ease. Her unbelievable level of competence truly puts her in an unreachable category of their own, that simply eludes others' understanding.


Anti-Goddess Physiology: Salem is the creator & ruler of the Forbidden Realm. As the Anti-Goddess, she possesses many powers.


Salem is defective version of a race of super celestial creatures called the Celestial-Forgers who forged the omniverse. She's like 1 of the reject bread stick & was thrown into the reject pile. This said reject pile was the rest of the Celestial-Forgers' mistakes. This soup of negative & blasphemous energy filled her & she mutated into the direct opposite of Celestial Forgers. Instead creating good worlds & wanting to create at all, she wanted to make a twisted realm & she wanted to destroy. They sealed her off from the rest of the multiverse along with the energies that mutated her. This proved to be a very very very bad mistake. She flourished & became stronger that Celestial-Forgers themselves. She easily eviscerated an entire multiverse they created with ease. Knowing that she became so powerful, she stopped & basked in the raw fear she caused up among her brothers & sisters.



Yasuke: Yasuke meet Salem when she summoned him to her realm in his sleep. She has watched him for for years growing up & becoming more powerful & when he reached adult hood her fascination in him became romantic. She offered him such a close position to her in an effort to get closer to him. Yasuke at first thought that she just wanted a friend but as time went on, he realized that her intentions were more personal. Yasuke not having any knowledge on romance was nervous for the first time in his life.

While eating one time together, she finally spoke out about her love for him & asked he he had felt the same way. Yasuke himself had feelings for her to so he said he felt the same way.

They later got engaged & she said she'd only marry him if he proved to fulfill his role as the Supreme Destroyer. He devastated an entire universe in her name & afterwards they got married.

They have a very loving relationship & she enjoys watching him destroying countless realities in her name.


Heretic: Heretic is Salem's daughter. Salem loves her daughter very much & Heretic loves her mother very much. Heretic takes pride in her mother & she has a great connection with her.


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    • Salem's design come from Scarlet Witch from the MCU (or Earth - 1999999).
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