This post serves as a place to draw attention to a problem on the wiki, as well as a platform for similarly inclined users to voice their opinion. That problem being that of Archetype Pages.

Which pages am I talking about? The pages that don't describe a power so much as a trope or archetype of character. This include pages like True Hero and Dark Lord, which are not themselves powers. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are both "dark lord" type characters. However, their powers are totally different. Being a 'Dark Lord' isn't a superpower - it's what you do with those powers that makes you a 'Dark Lord'. It's a trope, which is not what this wiki was designed for.

Rules of This Wiki Rule 25 states:  Powers, Organization and Policy go to pages, everything else goes to blog. So, in essence what I am asking for is that the rules as they are be enforced.

I'm not saying these pages all need to be deleted per se, but at the least they need to be moved out of the main wiki and into user space and blogs.

Following is a list of pages that meet the criteria of being "Archetypes". Most were taken from the Archetypal Powers category, though most powers in that category aren't actually archetypes. There may be more, and I will add to this list if people comment on pages I might have missed.

Pages that meet this criteria:

  1. Assailant
  2. Badassery
  3. Barbarianism
  4. Child Prodigy
  5. Chivalry
  6. Dark Lord
  7. Destiny Chosen
  8. Guardianship
  9. Old Prime
  10. Sage
  11. Seer
  12. Trickster
  13. True Hero

I'm curious to see other people's opinions about this - do you also want to see these pages moved? Do you think they should be deleted, or just moved?

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